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So it’s 11:50 at night where I’m at and I can’t seem to sleep. I guess that I’ll just grab a drink from that new place that opened up down the street…8 minutes later… Tavern Duelyst? Who opens up a tavern in this day and age? Meh, whatever. It can’t be worse than Hearthstone Lounge. I mean seriously, who comes up with the drinks there? With how salty they were you’d be surprised that they called them drinks at all. Anyways, let’s see what they’ve got…

Welcome one and all to Tavern Duelyst! I hope you guys liked that little intro I made up there! Anyways, true to my word it’s fairly late at night and I’m craving some Duelyst inspired drinks! Whether it’s inspired by cards, lore, gameplay mechanics, or even users here in the forums; if it’s deulyst themed then it’s allowed! Just don’t forget to put:
A.) A description of your drink (taste, texture, aesthetic, etc…)
B.) The inspiration behind your drink
C.) The name!
This particular post of mine was inspired by the conversation held between @Ryvirath and @Okojo in Ryvirath’s introduction page. I’d like to put up a link, but I can’t seem to do that on my phone for some reason (don’t worry, new computer coming in 2 days!) so just look it up for yourselves!
I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store! :beers:
(P.S. Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are welcome, just be sure to state it in the description!)
List of drinks added as of 2/15/2017 [Posts 1-51]


Post 1:Zirix Cider and Rawrmune
Post 2: Orange Juice
Post 3: Makantor Jesusbeer, Holy Violet Beer, and Eightarms Beer
Post 4: Lightblender
Post 5: Alcuin Loreshot
Post 6: Hearth-Sister Cocktail
Post 7: Zendoski Brand Vodka, Diol-TAS, and Tangerine Meltdown
Post 8: Quartermeister and Frostburn
Post 9: Emerald Rejuvinator
Post 10: Akram’s Gasp
Post 11: Rushmade
Post 12: True Ale
Post 13: Highmayne Champagne
Post 14: Inquisitor’s Brew
Post 15: Darkfire Liquor
Post 16: Saberspine Sake
Post 17: Meltdown
Post 19: Ethereal Surprise
Post 22: Phoenix Fire
Post 23: Sunbloom Ale
Post 26: Sundrop Soup, Rae Bread, Grove Water
Post 29: Inner Focus Tonic
Post 30: Red Boar
Post 31: Envybeer
Post 32: Chaos Elemental
Post 33: Shirohime
Post 34: Heartseeker Coco and Circle of Drunkennation
Post 35: Deepfire Blood WIne
Post 36: Silvertongue Rum
Post 37: Flying Serpanti
Post 41: Dihydrogen Monoxide
Post 49: Bloody Priestess
Post 50: Sanguine Cognac

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes
We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

First rounds on me!

Zirix Cider
Inspired by the famous Dixon Cider, this alcoholic drink burns on the way down, but leaves a surprisingly refreshing aftertaste perfect for long days out in the sun. The initial kick often discourages people from trying it, but the refreshing aftertaste is usually what brings people back time and time again. The shorter bottle design is rumored to be a result from conflicting design choices, but is mostly justified by the drinks higher than usual production costs. Truly a more selective drink.

Rawrmune is known to be somewhat of a legend amongst rammune enthusiasts. With less than 1 million bottles being produced annually, few have actually seen, much less tasted, this legendary non-alcoholic drink. Bottles of this drink can easily cost up to 40 dollars USD though the drink itself can be found online for well over 70 dollars a bottle. The bottle itself is reminiscent of a regular ramune bottle, but sports a tigers maw as the opening rather than the usual circular top. The drinks producers have refused to comment as to why such a design choice was made, but the CEO’s well-known affection for cats may have played a part in it. The drink itself is somewhat of an oddball. Many reports have come in from first hand tasters claiming that the drink had a different flavor in every bottle. Others have said that you can receive multiple flavors depending on how the bottle is handled before opening. Some claim that if you heat it, shake it, or even stir it you can produce an entirely new flavor or combination of flavors. With such effects/conditions it is no wonder that many of those who do manage to get their hands on one often end up unwilling to open it immediately. Rawrmune continues to be a mystery even to this day.


Orange Juice
Inspired by the famous apple, this yogurt taste very sticky and will probably cause u to scratch ur throat after u eat it. It comes in a one of a kind tap (like where I get tap water from cause im poor)
It is considered an indian delicacy in my part of Northern Asia by the Eskimos.

My inspiration was actually u @mmf , because u inspire me to be a better person everyday, i am a person


The brand new beers that every tavern should sell nowaday :smile:

The makantor jesusbeer
As there are a lot of people complaining about the flavour and what the maker put into it, a lot of people prefer it and look forward to drink one and look at all the others who critique this brand with malice.
It leaves a strong meant flavor in the throat and, at first, tastes like salt.

The holy violet beer
This brand can be called “warm argeonpiss” as the testimonial in the commercial was him and during the recording he didn’t seem to get that phrase right.
He ended up drunk.
“and once he was drunk?” you say?..well, the name says it all.
The beer is analchoolic, there is honey in it and is the sweetest beer on the market
No one knows why, but like Argeon, you can get drunk, and it stimulates your…“warm argeonpiss”.
There are actually a lot of people complaining about this problem.

The eightarms beer
Featuring a little grandmaster variax logo, this beer tastes a bit off-flavour at first, the spices utilized by the beer mehisters are special ones since the most you drink the better they tastes.
During the release this brand wasn’t too loved for its really high alchool ratio that burned a lot of throats to the ground,
since the production cost was too much they redimensioned the alcool and now less people are complaining about it.


Still feeling the after effects of the eightarmed beer? Well say hello to the new and improved lightblender! Based off of the ephemeral sweetener packets, this this blended drink is ensured to take the buzz out of your hangover! This bubbly drink is guarenteed to reinvigorate and restore your mind back to it’s pre-wasted state! The light, refreshing taste paired with the cool kick from the carbonation is made to bring a smile to your face and a spring in your step! And at a selling price of only $2 a bottle it’s easy accessibility makes this beautiful drink a favorite among regulars here at the tavern! :smile:


Who could forget the good 'ol Alcuin Loreshot?
The “AL,” is an ancient arcanyst drink only made by the most skilled Alcuin Loremasters, specifically the ones who spend the whole day in their house doing whatever and “Studying,” the history of ale-making. They say that every single time you taste it the flavor becomes even better, which also is why it is such an exclusive drink. It was banned in several areas after serious addictions caused events relating to murder for it, and the production has been put on halt for a while.

People say that some Alucin’s have been illegally producing it, and that you’ll never be the same again once you take your first drink.


I’ll take an Hearth-Sister Cocktail (my favorite card) !

What’s in it ? I don’t care, because the moment it’s ready, I’ll switch my glass with someone else :grin:



Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others, I present you with Zendoski brand Vodka!

What is it? Three bottles of whatever was on sale and a liver transplant! Why? To get the memories of aggro Songhai out of your brain, along with everything else, including functionality of the cerebellum.


This one’s just Volcanic rock immersed in beta propylene glycol. It comes with a free tombstone if you finish it all in one sitting!

Tangerine Meltdown

While this drink has the colour and consistence of orange Tang soda, there is more to this drink that what it seems. The taste can only be described as Angelic, transforming from salty and metalic to smooth and refreshing as you drink. Numerous legends circulate around this drink, dating as far back as the first empire. Some claim to have seen large quantities of this being transported out of the bloodmoon ruins. Others say that this drink is the blood of a celestial being. Still others chide the writer for being a bloody weeb and referencing Evangelion again.


Why go for a drink that’ll leave you hammered, with nothing but your tie on, when you could go for one of the manliest drinks out there, a Quartermeister! Specifically designed to increase your testosterone levels, this drink brings out your inner man! Leaving everything on the line, it packs a punch that’ll be felt long into the next morning. Feel your blood pumping to your head as you take to the fields with manliness coursing through your veins! Take courage and man up with a bottle of Quartermeister! Only $15.99 at your local tavern Duelyst. Drink responsibly. :beer:

After a long, cold day what’s better than a nice hot glass of frostburn? Originating from the villages bordering the whyte mountains in the north, this burning drink is known for the intensity of it’s heat. With a warmth that burns your tongue as it goes down, but radiates heat once it gets to your stomach, it’s no wonder that it’s a favorite among both the old and the young. It’s best enjoyed in front of a warm fire over a long period of time. :mountain_snow:


Feeling thirsty after a long session of Duelyst? Well thirst no longer! Introducing the newly designed Emerald Rejuvinator! From the makers of Lightblender and Hydraxation, comes a drink worthy of the Akram Desert itself! Combining the soothing properties of Aloe Vera with water straight from the fountain of youth, this colorful drink sports Zero artificial chemicals. Completely organic, Emerald Rejuvinator is good for both your body and soul. Get it 25% off with any purchase $5 or more at your local Tavern Duelyst!


Akram’s Gasp: a desert whiskey that became popular in the Second Vetruvian War for being strong enough to make soldiers forget their woes after lengthy battles. It is fermented in an Aymara Cactus with Oasis Scarab water and various fruits. Those who have tasted the whiskey have remarked that it left their mouths incredibly dry only seconds after taking a few sips causing them to gasp for water or anything else to drink. Despite this the Akram’s
Gasp is popular among soldiers and young adults as a celebratory drink or a beverage that is ordered on a dare. It is generally regarded as “top shelf material” however it is usually sold from the bottom shelf because of how abundant it is.


Is it that time of day and you’re feeling sluggish, unable to make it through rush hour at work? Rushmade’s here to help! With a devious combination of sour and sweet, this refreshing beverage is sure to give you that extra burst to make it through the day! Widely popular in both Magaari and Xenkai, Rushmade is known for it’s ability to make you cringe whilst having you jump in joy! With a wide variation of flavors, you and your friends can always find a new way to enjoy a day with Rushmade! Now comes in green, red, purple, and light brown. (Blue coming soon!)


True Ale, a common beverage from the Lyonar Kingdoms. It became popular among trainees in the Lyonar Kingdoms Armies due to the drink being strong enough to knock a light weight on his back but weak enough for an experienced drinker to enjoy without difficulty. It is generally produced enmasse by distilleries that border Vanar territory because the frigid climate keeps the ale cool while fermenting. Interestingly enough it’s name is coined by taverns that order the ale because the barrels and kegs that it is shipped in are made from trees cut down by trainees practicing the True Strike spell. The grain for the ale is grown in the Lyonar Kingdoms right outside of Highcliffe.


As of last month, Highmayne Champagne is celebrating it’s fifth year anniversary! Developed and sponsored by Argeon Highmayne himself, this bubbly champagne is also in it’s fifth year in the Top Ten Alcohols in the Lyonar Kingdoms. Though pricey coming in at 200 gold pieces a glass, the quality of the drink itself has earned it a place in the King’s own personal wine cellar. The strength of the beverage is only quelled by the prominence of the champagne itself which matches the popularity of the General it’s modeled after. Though the original product is enjoyed almost exclusively by the nobles themselves, commonfolk can experience a much more diluted, albeit still expensive, version of the beverage for 200 gold pieces. It’s high price is certainly worth the value as many who’ve had it claim that all other champagnes have been spoiled by it. Truly, a masterpiece.


Inquisitor’s Brew is a somewhat infamous drink among alcohol connoisseurs.Though the actual name is unknown to the general populace, it’s uncanny ability to make the drinker unable to tell a lie is what helped it coin the name, Inquisitors Brew. Though no one knows of where it came from it is now being used by anyone ranging from law enforcement to couples. It’s tasteless property make it the perfect lie detecting drink when mixed with any other drink. Make this Valentine’s day an honest day :smile:!


A previously forgotten brew, the recipe for Darkfire Liqour was recently rediscovered by a team of explorers that had ventured into the Abyssian Host’s Undervault. Though most of the explorers perished either from traps or the monsters that dwell within the unholy vault the two remaining explorers have published the recipe which calls for Wraithling Blood, Shadow Creep Shavings, Vorpal Vines and Reaper Grains all mixed with water from a Void Spring. According to the recipe it is then fermented in an Abyssal Juggernaut’s Corpse for sixteen months. Those who have had the privilege to taste this liquor comment that it smells like blood but has an overtly sweet taste with a lemony aftertaste. How this is possible is not known and is generally chalked up to dark magics. It is regarded as a top shelf beverage.


Saberspine Sake is a favored rice wine among both the Songhai Empire and Lyonar Kingdoms as one of it’s ingredients is Sundrop Wheat Grain, which is used in the production of True Ale. Originally it was told in old legend that the drink would allow warriors to win battles and defeat scores of enemies. Centuries later it was discovered that the beverage would throw the warriors who drank it into an uncontrollable rage due to the interaction between the ground Saberspine Tiger Bones mixed into the wine during the fermentation process and the adrenaline produced during battle. Despite this it is usually enjoyed by mostly everyone due to it’s unique taste, which is described as a mix between a Sundrop Elixer and a swift kick to the chin. Interestingly enough it is kept at high temperatures during the fermentation of two years in order to successfully mix the ground Saberspine Tiger Bones into the sake. The rest of the ingredients include Mountain Spring Water and Rice.


Deep in the Crystal Caverns, is a source of crystal made of pure spirit energy. Using this crystal, Vanar breweries have been making an elixir called Meltdown for centuries. A delicacy of the villages surrounding the crystal caverns, few have yet to have a taste. And rightly so. The use of spirit crystals give the drink an otherworldly taste that few other drinks have yet to successfully emulate. In order to harvest the purity of the crystals spirit, local distilleries must first melt the crystals down in a technique only known to a select few. Once the crystal is properly melted down, it is mixed alongside berries found only in the peaks of the Whyte Mountains. Though it is a non-alcoholic beverage, the mysterious properties of the melted down crystal give whoever is fortunate enough to experience it a surge in power reminiscent of the power that the leaves of the Weeping Tree once possessed. Though traditionally only found in coming-of-age ceremonies or of declarations of new village chiefs, the drink may be bought at a going price of 2000 Gold, a price that few can afford. Nevertheless, once you thaw the drink down to a freely-flowing liquid, the contrast of the chill seeping from the bottle and the surge of power you gain from it is well worth it’s price.


Makantor Christ! You guys drink to much alcohol!


Ethereal Surprise is a Vetruvian Beer that has its inspiration in the Imperium’s Obelysks. This is primarily because of the beverage’s eight random tastes. Those tastes include: Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Bitter, Flat, Copper, Sand and Tangy. The reason for this odd asortment of tastes is because each batch of the brew is enchanted to taste differently each time it is served. Aside from this odd attribute of the drink its ingredients are incredibly average. These ingredients are Oasis Barley and Sundrop Wheat Grain mixed with Oasis Scarab Water which is then fermented for a couple of months. This beverage is usually ordered as a joke, to play the recently made drinking game “Ethereal Roulette”, or as a last drink before an important event such as marriage, promotions or important battles. Interestingly enough the eight different tastes have been coined as indicators of luck and destiny. For example, if one were to drink Ethereal Surprise and have it taste Bitter it is usually seen as a sign of bad luck where as the taste of Sand is coined as a sign of good luck. Why the beverage can taste like Copper or Sand is unknown but it is theorized of that it was a joke the original creator made to get back at a friend who pranked him the week before.