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There were never any rails.

I tried to add some, and no one really cared.

So, did I really derail it? :thinking:

  • Yep, even without rails you can still derail stuff. Makes total sense.
  • No, you didn’t.
  • Stop using your stupid figurative language! This is real life, fool!

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Fine. By destroy I mean bringing an end to this giant rock and everything on it quicker than what would naturally happen without humans. By “help” I mean exist non-destructively, which is impossible.

  • in a world comprised only of paintings made by mussolini, those who approach it with unwavering hate and do not seek to discern the nature of things would always live a worse life than those who make an effort to come to terms with and see the world around them with better feelings;
  • i have hated many classes, and if that information led me to believe that every class is going to be worthless, then i would literally be more unhappy, for realistically all people anticipate and worry about things, and my anticipation and worrying would give me displeasing hours even before knowing for a fact whether or not any given class is in fact bad;
  • not only that, our preconceptions of experiences can be so strong as to bend our perception; if you already expect something to be bad, thinking that sooner or later things will go downhill, the overall experience of any given thing is worse and much less exiting than one who would face it with positive or neutral expectations, for that yields no time-displaced feeling: if one does not yet hate a movie, looking for ways to be displeased instead of pleased is self sabotage;
  • it is for that reason that rarely do pessimists overlap with those who passionately pursue dreams or otherwise mountainous objectives- for an optimist, working on a project may yield pleasure or straight up rapture, either at its quality or progress, whereas the pessimist would instead be anachronistically focusing on the thought that the effort creates a flawed project, which is automatically assumed to be worthless, and that surely its reception will be bad, if it happens, in the future, aka not now;
  • these attributes herein described are noticeably close to what one would call depression; they are not the same thing, but the similarity should be enough to demonstrate that being in that domain, of pessimism, is not something you want for life;
  • the depiction of the optimist by those who criticize its existence is, fittingly, warped to oblivion: no optimist is as dumb as to keep being disappointed in the world and eventually be led to depression for it, this is what we call dumb people, or the terribly innocent; the optimist is actually someone who understands that living well and being slightly disappointed by things is a stupendous tradeoff compared to being permanently unfaithful and dissatisfied by all things;
  • imagine being a pessimist lmao, cpg starts spoiler season and everyone is hype, while that one guy sulks in a corner, mumbling to himself, cpg broke the game every expansion, this too will be bad, why ever feel happy

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One might point out that in some sense your argument that optimists are not naive can be reapplied to pessimists. I’m sure the naive pessimists are the ones who already hung themselves. There’s also the implication that pessimism is a vicious cycle, which I would point out it is not. Your argument for pessimism causing depression applies to optimism. Take the next example-

I have enjoyed many classes, and if that information led me to believe that every class is to be as enjoyable, then I would literally be more happy, for realistically all people enjoy and take pleasure in things, so my euphoria would give me pleasurable hours, even before knowing for a fact whether or not any given class is in fact bad. This would result in me having wet dreams about this supremely euphoric class, only to find out that reality sucks and therefore be disappointed, which would given the illogical nature of this argument, lead me to depression anyway.

The benefit of pesimism is that by believing something will be bad, if it is not bad, I will enjoy a greater high than those who already expected it to be good(The high being not quite akin to cocaine but close enough that it will pass for this poor metaphor.).


Just like @fr0stfyre1 said (sort of), just because I predict the worst-case scenario does not mean I also give myself depression dwelling on impending doom. What will happen, will happen.


Time to try creating a poll.

  • Optimism is best.
  • Pessimism is best.
  • Neither is best. There are pros and cons.

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  • That poll is rigged
  • This poll is rigged
  • No polls are rigged
  • All polls are rigged

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Nazi Germany would like to know your location.


Which is the truth?

  • Eternity is a construct
  • Nothing is everything
  • It is a simple matter to break the light barrier

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I’ll just be here waiting for you to decide when you’re ready. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Poll’s not done yet. You’re losing ground, you narcissistic ninny.

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Yes (15characters)


Polland. Is. Eternal.

  • OMG just give up already loser
  • No one lives forever; when you die, so will this thread.
  • Not if I invade and change its name to Holland!

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And you thought I would fail to resurrect this place. What a fool you were. Unfortunately, people like this idiot

are making polls in other threads. Please, post all your polls here! Isn’t it worth going through the extra effort to serve your glorious master?

  • No.
  • Um, nope.
  • Yeah… no.
  • Get out of my face, you filthy hypocrite!

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P.S. A rebel insurgence of Polles took back the country and renamed it Polland.


P.S. =

  • Play Songhai
  • Please Staahhp
  • Post Sh*t
  • Polland Sucks

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@discobot fortune

Will Polland fall into oblivion very soon™?

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:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


Very well. Should I let Polland fall into oblivion in five days?

  • Yes. It is time.
  • No, please! You can’t do this!

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