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This poll is merely to keep the bloodline pure.

  • True
  • False
  • Wait, what?

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whatsya thirst

  • r34 Plasmastorm
  • r34 Circle of Life
  • r34 Doom
  • r34 Ice Age
  • r34 Spiral Technique
  • r34 Spinecleaver
  • r34 Puzzle of the Day

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Will you vote for your own card?

  • No, of course not!
  • Of course I won’t admit it to you!

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Is Anjo really sorry?

  • No, he was never programmed with empathy.
  • Eh, maybe.
  • Yes. Anjo would never lie to his superiors.

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Is Anjo an imbecile?

  • Well, by his own words, all humans are imbeciles, and assuming that he is a human…
  • Clearly. What a forgetful moron.
  • I’m Anjo’s mindslave, so I’m obligated to say that he is actually very intelligent.

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Do you believe it?

  • [eyes widen in horror as the pieces fall into place]
  • Don’t be a fool! adahuys is way cooler than Anjo.
  • Don’t be a fool! Anjo is way cooler than adahuys.

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  • I shouldn’t.
  • No particular reason.
  • Because I trust everybody.

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aww thanks everyone :sob:


Will Anjo be able to think up an interesting new poll in time to save the Megathread (sorry, Conspiracy)?

  • No. She’s a fool with no imagination.
  • Probably. She would never let this thread die in vain.
  • Hey, wait a minute…

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With @Isbee in the lead by 3 votes in his previous poll, will Longshot actually let Isbee decide his next profile icon?!

  • Damn right he will. Or else!
  • Yes, he’s honorable and stuff.
  • Yes, he has no choice!
  • Nah, he doesn’t have the balls.
  • No, He’s never going to close the poll.
  • Not a chance in hell!

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It’s time for a new Forum game: Two Lies and a Truth. In this astonishingly original game, you make a poll with three options: two are lies, and one is the truth. People vote on which one they think is the truth. Eventually, the person who made the poll should close it and reveal the truth about the truth. A one-day timer on the poll could be used to this effect.

Trickery, deceit, and groan-inducing loopholes are highly encouraged.


  • Anjo is the best Forum member
  • Pessimism is better than optimism
  • This poll is rigged

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here’s my forum member tierlist

SSS: tobiahu
F: everyone else


The title triggered me a bit, hence my poll.

  • You misspelled Poland on purpose
  • You created a new country called Polland

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Two lies and a truth max difficulty 666 impossible challenge

  • you are a communist
  • i am a communist
  • we are a communist

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SS -

S -

A -

B -

C -

D -

F -

special and deserves to be loved - everyone (except communists)


Quoting it in case @tobiahu wants to know :rofl:


Thank you so much I feel very special now <3. I also very much like your posts :ok_hand:
I crafted your sajj artifact OTK deck and OMG i am climbing ranks like crazy now 8 win in a row!
I lost my winning spree to this though :frowning:


You’re wrong (in general)!

The poll is not rigged, because you all made your own choices.

Anjo is not the best Forum member, because there is no member on the Forums named Anjo.

Therefore, pessimism is better than optimism. And, truly, it is. Imagine if no one in engineering tried to anticipate the worst-case scenario, saying “oh, I’m sure this untested nuclear reactor will work fine.” The world would already be an atomic wasteland.


However, pessimism can not objectively be better than optimism. Imagine a world where humans were overly optimistic and wiped out their entire race. Without humans, there would be no one that could ruin the world! Think about it. Humans destroy more than help the Earth, optimistic or pessimistic. However, since it is a poll, it can not have one answer. In fact, ALL the answers are correct. (Even if 2 are lies)


Unfortunately, destroying ourselves would also annihilate the surface of the planet… but nature would eventually be able to restore itself. That is my only solace when my mind turns to thoughts of nuclear war.

I would not disagree with the truth.



I can’t really agree with this statement because it implies there is an agenda that the Earth contains and with an agenda comes the ability to help or harm. The earth has no will. We, as intelligent beings, can assign a will to it and thus can dictate whether certain actions harm or help it but the moment we cease to exist, it has no will. Whether it dies and explodes into little pieces isn’t really a concern of the earth seeing as it is an inanimate object. We should try to preserve because it is our home, nevertheless but that’s irrelevant to an inanimate object. I suppose an argument can be made that the goal of the earth is life, but then you have an argument for whether the earth is alive or it is just harboring life and in this case, the goal of the earth and life on earth are two separate things. Anyone feel free to disagree, I’m just saying my thoughts. I could be wrong.


@tobiahu Should have won that Sajj game.
I suspect you could have won by ignoring minions and attacking face for 2 turns.
Definitely could have dealt with Zir with frenzy or dispel.
Looks like you had too much fun clearing minions :grin:.

About the case on pessimism better than optimism. The example is kinda too extreme. There is a difference in being a bit positive and staying happy.
To blind optimism, ignoring facts and simply being outright stupid.

Also Anjo, are you derailing your own thread with another argument of pessimism :sweat_smile:.


When I speak of the Earth, I mean all plants and animals on this hunk o’ rock.