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I feel like you misinterpreted my original statement, perhaps intentionally so? I’m not saying there are no reasons to dislike Trump or even that I support him, but like almost everyone bashes on him and its just so…boring. If we’re gonna bash him, at least bash him with something original, not “trump is bad reeee”.


You assumed I was bashing on him, when I actually just made a poll, like those that the Republicans often put out (or are those Youtube scams?) to judge how many people like him.

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Who shall be privileged with deciding my next avatar icon?

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Ties shall not be accepted. In the case of a tie, I decide. Deal with it.

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Guess who's back, Back again

So in some programming forum (I forget where), I saw this poll format. How do people feel about this?

  • +1, I love the idea and 100% back it!
  • +0, Seems like it could be good
  • -0, I’m not a fan, but I won’t oppose it
  • -1, No way. Over my cold, dead body.

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-0 blows my mind.


Actually, the presence of both +0 and -0 is what blows my mind.

However, in Calculus these two are notations reserved for one-sided limits - from above and below respectively.

EDIT. Found out this notation is only valid in post USSR territory. Most of the world uses different one.


Should @anjosustrakr be reinstated as Chief of Communication?

  • See to it at once
  • Probably not

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Are polls the posts that get the least likes?

  • Yes, that is so true. I’ll give this poll a like to start to rectify the problem.
  • No. (I just want to disagree with you and I have no idea what I’m talking about.)

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i think it is baised… idk im just one of the ignorant masses, what do i know


Is this poll being created on the poll thread, or has this poll always existed…with the poll thread only phasing into this particular reality recently…creating a momentary planar bridge?

  • Time to chase ghosts
  • Fear has a charisma modifier
  • Scrap laboratory equipment is junk science
  • Yarn is cool

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We use that notation in my Calculus class in America.

Does that mean my teacher is a Russian bot?


It’s the poll warp!!! Parts of different polls are being brought together in a monsterous amalgamation

  • True
  • Just no
  • yes
  • Frosty Zappy
  • [stares bleakly into the abyss]
  • Decrease to 30
  • Go home Excogitator, you’re drunk
  • a++ is a programming language
  • in the pitiful fit of the piteous
  • @isbee
  • more
  • +0, seems like it could be good
  • yarn is cool

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Strangely, I haven’t found it on English wikipedia recently. I know, it’s not the most serious source of info on Calculus, but still…

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Is Abyssian OP?

  • Indubitably.
  • I feel your pain, Anjo.
  • Isn’t that common knowledge?
  • Abyssian makes me rage against the machine (my computer).
  • Desolator deserves to burn in the seven hells. So do all the other Abyssian legendaries… and the epics, rares, and commons, for that matter. Oh, and don’t forget the Mythron. And the emotes are far too triggering.
  • Yes, but didn’t you already ask this before?

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Fixed it for you.


We need to rename this thread. What should its new title be?

  • Little do they know, I am Duelyst
  • Stop Bullying Abyssian, Anjo!
  • Ryousen’s Poll Megathread
  • [conspiracy] Q4 was stolen by aliens
  • Dark Souls General
  • [Official] Duelyst Patch 2.0: Every Unit Has Rush

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Where is our Q4 Content?

  • Not happening
  • Q4 of this year, silly!
  • Dunno
  • Theyre making lots of abyssian cards give them more time
  • What’s it to you?
  • This poll has too many answers

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Most people voted to keep the thread name the same. Tough luck, @ryousen. :wink:


Which aliens stole the Q4 content?

  • Xenomorphs
  • The Kree
  • The ones from Toy Story
  • E.T.'s family
  • Jawas
  • Na’vi
  • The ones who built the pyramids and founded the Illuminati

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This is a ghost poll. It will only open when this thread is locked

  • Neat! Goats are cool
  • Greetings from the future!
  • You fool! The poll thread will never die!
  • Go home Excogitator, you’re drunk

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