Weirdly specific bug - Shadow Dancer & Red Synja



After a rather long match with Abyssian against Vetruvian I played the card Shadow Dancer(SD for short) and I had a couple of minions on the board as well. My opponent played Red Synja his previous turn, which damages a minion around it for 7 damage. I wanted to use that to my advantage and finish him off but the deaths of my minions from Synja didn’t seem to count towards the ability of my SD, seeing that my enemy didn’t get the supposed damage from SD.

I play Duelyst on steam,windows. Other system specs don’t look important to me with this one.

Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get an SD and a couple of othe minions on the board
  2. Partner plays Synja near some minions (SD away from it)
  3. Attack Synja with a minion (must die from the attack)
  4. Another minion around Synja should die around it
  5. See the results

(I could see how this is intentional, because one could create a practically infinite loop of damage until the enemy general dies)