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Weird lyonar deck idea + rant


So i have a deck idea i called the full lyonar, basically you try to get weird heal triggers from your minions self heal, you try to get some big things on bord and then wreck face with there self heal with sun riser,gold vitriol and sunforege lancer,but there is a small problem the deck curve is relay bad and moebisu doesn’t give you a heal proc with his self heal and it makes me really mad and it better get patched or else i will do something baaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

P.S I need help with this deck someone tell me what to do with it.


Really? If Moebius has not full health, it doesn’t proc the heal synergies?

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I know right like why does moebius not count as a heal like it literally makes me so mad because it is hard to get off in the first place and when you do get if off it does nothing. like I dont think is supposed to happen and i know we arnt going to get a patch for it witch is the worst part. Because i want to use that card in a deck because hes under used and never see play but now he doesnt even have any combos so i dont understand how this card is supposed to be used and i feel like its a weird ¨nerf¨ to an already ¨bad¨ card.

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That’s a shame with Moebius. Must be some weird coding. I’m having a guess it works more like a transform with max attack and health switched rather than properly healing first then switching.

Gave a quick try with deck. Missing 2 War Exorcists.

Would just throw out Moebius. You have plenty of 4 drops. Suntide Maiden does a similar job.
Disappointed that you can’t melee attack with a healthy Hank Hart to proc heal. Probably because you get counter-attacked after attacking and not before.

With full heal minions, I was thinking of some health buffs.
Stuff like some Fighting Spirit, Radiant Dragoon/Mirkblood.
Anyway you need more 3 drops and less 4 drops.

Plays against @gsvalhalla . Starts with no opening play. Gets wrecked by a single Kron :frowning_face:.
Bad luck but deck might need some more removal to help with comebacks.


i think i might add in luxi ignis replaced for moebius i know i need lower drops but i have almost no late game

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I was wondering what was going on as soon as I saw Fighting spirit. Unfortunately, for you I was playing Tempo Argeon which makes it hard for most decks to get back into a game when they miss a turn or behind.

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I’m not sure what late game you are wanting. Healonar decks usually have decent late games but not super strong late games. You already have some 5 drops anyway.

When you could hurt your opponent like this what more do you need :grinning:?

Fighting Spirit is not bad.
Being just 1 mana it is easy to use and doesn’t burn your hand like Sanctify does. It can also give a 1 mana (battle pet) minion for a nice Holy Immolation target.

Radiant Dragoon on the other hand feels pretty underwhelming.

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That’s not true. I believe it was designed to be comboed with Owlbeast Sage, but tbh it does that poorly even in that regard. Still, it’s an obvious combo, getting lots of atk in case you’re not playing Lyonar or Vanar who can perform health2attack transition with pretty any Arcanyst via their spells.


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