We wanted Starhorn to be decent


I don’t think anyone could disagree. I feel like we ended up with a monster though. Theres a difference between ‘Makes Decimus playable’ and “Whoops, couldn’t dispel Decimus, let me prepare myself for over 10 damage from hand next turn. On turn 3.”


Tectonic spikes hurts with anything more than 2 cards in hand


I know I’ve only been playing for a few hours at this point, but Starhorm does have some insane potential as of now.

My suspicion prior to the expansion hitting was that Starhorn and the two Lyonar generals would be the strongest. We’ll see what happens, but I definitely fear Decimus among other things in Starhorn (Vindicator, Rancour, Rush+ Thumping Wave etc.)


There are so many options for Magmar now to end you on turn 3 (for example: double rancor into elucidator, face, turn 3 tiger, + tectonic rage/entropic gaze), although somewhat swingy. This I think is the one of the biggest downsides with this expansion (along with the card Songhai got this expansion), and I would love to see an adjustment in the damage dealt by some of these new cards. I like the purpose of this expansion (introduce powerful cards that are arguably easier to obtain for players), although a slight adjustment wouldn’t hurt (although we probably won’t see one until mid January). The meta may settle, who knows?


To me, the biggest problem is how they ‘fixed’ Starhorn. Now he’s no longer drawing cards to gain an advantage or to zoo better. He draws because it gives more damage AND more cards to do damage with.


We have created a monster. Rancour is one of the best 2-drops in the game, it feels so bad having to use hard removal on a 2-drop.



Why it’s what he’s truly meant to be… So now we go to star horn bbs suck thus he socks… To there are cards for him now he to stronk play nerf… Good times


It’s more about the fact that most card draw synergies revolve around dealing direct damage to enemy genereal (edit: or pumping minions to the point where you have to answer them on the same turn). I agree with narashimha here:


But to maximize that damage you have to have ur hand at a certain number in order to not waste cards. I dont fully disagree with you but isn’t flooding a board with minions they can’t deal with the same except slower?

Yes they can counter minions on the board instead of out of hand face damage… Why do we have 2 draw cards that do damage and not like small damage entropic does 4 damage for 2 mana insane.


It is better for them to overshoot than undershoot.If they take their time toning down Starhorn will have effective general.How is the slow approach working for Sajj and Ziran? Make OP stuff then tone it down slightly


I’d rather they be more cantripy instead of direct damage.

0 Mana: Both players draw a card.

1 Mana: Both players draw three cards.

Probably to good at those costs, but it would then enable flood and cards like Visionar rather then pushing Aggro.

Alternatively instead of damage we could encourage more combo stuff, make them tutor for stuff how Cryogensis does, while your opponent only gets draws, instead of damage.


chakri avatar magmar minion confirmed?


The funny things is that Vaath is better than Starhorn is the “starhorn” deck ^^.

Looks like the balance of this expansion is even worst than what I’ve predicted.


in my honest opinion this starhorn madness is actually pretty f’ed up.

i fought a starhorn a few games back, he does damage way too fast, with no punishment. also people seem to think that it only work with decimus, i’ve been obliterated by a starhorn that shoves 4 damage on my face turn after turn from nowhere while he maintains his zoo and he summons mandrake. it doesn’t feel right.

i mean for example songhai, if songhai do all the insane 17 turn 2 combo, they lost everything, they got left with like 2 cards but starhorn? no.

starhorn does a ton of damage, still holds a lot of cards if not full, and burnt your cards in the process. i mean, i’m all for better starhorn but not this monster.


Havent faced a star horn yet, but with how they worded the cards I can already see a huge issue. The cards for magmar this expansion deals direct face damage while drawing, tectonic spikes iirc, and the othe rone is jsut basically face damage. What’s worse? Magmar was already a problem (Vaath), with the amount of removals, high attack value minions and rush cards that just goes face.

0 mana 6-6, that card is broken, you dont play a 6-6 for free, it’s jsut wrong. In hearthstone, molten giants (8-8) cost ~20 and is discounted 1 less for each face damage. considering your max health to be 30, you can only play it for free at close to lethal. Mountain giant costs 12, discounted 1 for each card in your hand, so you have to sacrifice your early game by hoarding cards to play it or play it at a higher cost for an 8-8. For mandrake, the condition is not even hard to achieve, any minions summoned in the entirety of the game will ensure it to cost 0 at mid- late game, it’s ridiculous.

Now Vaath had an issue of card retention, the only problem it has after giving them thumping wave for ranged removal. Now, import all the strengths Vaath had and move it to Starhorn, it doesnt even need to worry about card retention, it can just consistently pump stuff out and refuel.

And with the new cards, and card draw punishment cards like decimus, now they get to draw AND deal face damage. While you are trying to keep up on board, survive, and not overdraw(which translates to face damage) and possibly burn useful cards you might need. Oh and dont forget that even if you put value minions to trade, it will get removed instantly with the removals magmar has.

Sorry if it sounded like a rant, no fingers pointed at anyone, just my thoughts when I saw the expansion. It was also evident when I face magmar in most of my games and also when I watched the “watch” tab that most games were just lizards. It also got me kinda upset when I found out that Vetruvians are getting broken minions yet still no ranged removals. Broken minions doesnt help vet (Sajj I mean) if they cant neutralise answer or die threats CP loves to make, and it makes me wonder that if Vets do get that down the line, Obelysk Vet will be even more annoying and Vet might actually be broken with all the power-creeped cards they have along with the ranged removal (if they get it in the future).


Just played 3 games in a row vs this cancer Decimus deck, 3 times game ended after 3 or 4 turns where i couldnt even handle to kill 1000/1000 Vindicator or heal before decimus+sick draw…


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