We need HearthPWN of Deulyst


Is it just me or do you also think that we need site like Hearthppwn for duelyst where ppl can share decks write their opinions about cards and rate decks, imo site like this should get at least a little support from CPG so more players would visit it. I know that there is forum but deck section looks a little messy without shedules for each factions, sorting by rate, visits etc.


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Um, we do that here. And Reddit. And Discord.





I was kinda hopeing that one day managlow would morph into something like this.

I guess the game is still small, right now any project that large would be a labour of love.


Cutting out one phrase from whole post isnt the best idea, cuz it may sound different from the main concept.

I am not complaining about that there is no place to share with decks cuz there is, but forum same as reddit becomes messy without filters for completed and developing decks and well made sheets.


There is manaspring.ru It’s in russian but most of us here use it. Has pretty much everything you mentionned.


Yeah that’s exactly what I thought Managlow would become that for Duelyst but Money or Love/Time is two things needed. Duelyst is solid shape but it is little worrisome that Duelystdb and Managlow have faded away some what.

I understand that community has done these things in other games but a stable deck builder in English would be smart for counterplay to have on the official site.I am not to worried about this counterplay has grabbing community members for development team at some point maybe they grab someone who can do it.


As some know I wrote a blog for this game (no cash in that). By comparison, when I played HS, i GOT PAID for writing articles.

I can produce content, but right now there is no revenue there, so whatever I personally do ends being “for fun”. I’m happy to produce content for free but its obviously the case I could justify doing a lot more if I were paid for it.

I suspect its the same for others too. If you had the skills to build a good website then you can do duelyst stuff for free or make monney doing the same work but for a contract.

As the game grows, it might be possible to make enough money from running websites that all these sorts of become a worthwhile project.

In the meantime, you’ll just have to hope some tech expert just feels like taking on (and maintaining) a big project for the mere thrill of helping out the community


Yep. I’m a web/mobile dev, something on the scale of Hearthpwn would take metric tons of work. You’d need a full dev team and there would be extra work since Duelyst doesn’t have a fully featured web API to take advantage of.

I have much, much better things to do in the meantime.


Tbh I rather it not being a thing. Cause as you’ve seen hs, the ladder will just have the same optimal and frustrating decks running around. Duelyst right now has similarities on the frustrating part but is slightly more diversed. However, if something like hearthpwn becomes a thing, I can see it becoming like HS where it’s the same decks over and over again.


I concur with these statements.

I’m a technical writer by trade and attempted for over 2 years to work full time on a gaming information site. I think if I divided all the revenue I got from this by the hours I worked, it would come out to under $1 per hour. I eventually had to give it up.

There is lots of good info around, all put up by people who are basically volunteers. But a major endeavor requires a revenue stream.


I made about $2000 over two years writing about HS. Which is a small amount considering the effort I put in. I was happy to do it because (at the time) I loved talking about the game and moreover, that money came in super helpful when I found myself unemployed.

I’ve played Duelyst for a year. In this time I’ve run a blog, a youtube channel, a twitch stream and more recently I do bits & pieces for managlow. For all of this effort, I’ve made $5 (thankyou nangert, lol). I’m not complaining, it is what it is.

For my part, I’ve decided to spend the time I would have spent producing content for this game learning Python Programming. Programming is something I enjoy and will likely yield a significantly better return.

Hopefully one day the future it will be possible to make a modest living playing this game. But until then, players will have to accept whatever resources players are willing to make in their spare time.


I’ve planned on doing something like that but there was little to no community/dev support, people like complaining instead. Cooperation and feedback? Nearly non-existent, 100% ready and working products are expected immediately. My plans are still there, they’re very low priority though - it’s likely not worth spending time until Duelyst goes mobile or whatever to boost its playerbase.


Wise hamster.

It will likely never be possible except for a very select few. Main reasons:

  1. People don’t like to spend money on things that they perceive should be free, and most think that gaming content should be free.

  2. Gamers are mostly young people, and young people don’t tend to have a lot of disposable income. The income they do have, they want to spend on games, not writing about games.

  3. Supply and demand. The more “fun” a job is, the more people there are that want it, and therefore the less that it is necessary to attract them to it. “Playing games for a living” (or even writing about it) is the dream of millions of gamers around the world, and many are willing to accept very low pay in order to “live the dream”.

I don’t even do freelance technical writing any more, because there are just too many people who think I should work 3,000 hours a year and get paid $3,000 for it. It’s just the nature of things right now.

Does this mean nobody can ever become a pro at writing gaming content? Of course not. But it means you are in a hugely competitive environment and also often reliant on the kindness of donors. You have to work your ass off, be good AND get lucky. It’s not like trying to get a job as a programmer, it’s more like trying to make it to the major leagues in a professional sport. If you can “get famous” you can make it work, but getting there in the first place is pretty tough.

(I realize you know all of this, just explaining for others.)


Sorry to revive this topic, but to be honest i would be glad to built something for Duelyst :slight_smile:
I built brawlhalla.rocks , since it uses all data from the API and was a 1 week test build, I think I would be capable of building/showing stats and make a cardbuilder …
But as I said, can’t find anything to gather data since there is a absence of a Web API or any other type of stat building :confused:


They mention something about “Restful Web API” on product road map but that since disappear from the road map.I am guessing it is works still but priority is the expansion, mobile release and language location.


I’m trying to get in contact with them to get anything achieved.
Maybe a semi open API :wink: ?
Anything that could provide some data for cards etc. .
A external communication for all cards would be enough for Deckbuilding for example …
Maybe patchnotes as XML, etc. :slight_smile: ?