We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Isbee being 75% of the forums again


This is clearly @isbee’s way of showing he won’t like all the posts anymore.

You can’t like all the posts if you ARE all the posts.



We should rename this thread to Isbee’s personal thread.


We need a fixed post for Isbee memes


Reads first spoiler


Reads second spoiler



Anyone know what happened to goodguyhopper?

He has gotten S-Rank every month until this one…just stopped playing 19 days ago. :frowning:


Maybe he hopped away ?

*BA DUM TSSSS* :oil: :fireworks:

Forum Game: Riddles

So apparently a normal Conjurer, can put a prismatic in your hand.

@Ryvirath I presume this is a bug?


So shiny. So…Moe


Nah, it’s a marketing technique, you want that prismatic version now don’t cha?!?! (thanks for the report, I’ll look into it, likely a bug)


Did you cast a prismatic spell?



Yes, I guess that’s what caused it.


I’m doing computer stuff with my dad at his work today so I can earn the money to get the new Fire Emblem. :slight_smile:


Great now I need a 10 hour version


The frequency and ferocity at which I curse at Vanar right now…

…I may need to buy a shock collar for myself because I am starting to sound like a barking dog.



ok guys

I’m gonna go play fire emblem instead of recording a video


You didn’t crash any computers today, did you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: