We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


I’m pretty sure 2 of them are me, possibly all 3, I also know I made at least 2 for excogitator. I have them all saved lol


No I liked them!

I promise…


I’m not sure if you are a genius whit girls or just a lost case.


@phayze & @Yahlunna
In seriousness, if the girl was a fan of yugioh, there’s no way these wouldn’t make her laugh. If someone was playing and whipped out the white dragon line rapidfire, I’d be impressed personally; that’d be smooth :sunglasses:

If she wasn’t though, yea, it’d sound just hilariously corny and awful lol.

My gf and I were watching the show Penny Dreadful. A couple just had their fun the night before and the scene cuts to morning. A line comes up (or similar to), “How would you like your eggs?”

I instantly remark, “Impregnated.”

Like it or not, I think I earn points on quick wittedness and cleverness. I enjoy my lines, so at least someone does :smile:


I know, I was grinning as I read them. They ARE pretty smooth and honestly should get a laugh out of a girl that knows what you’re talking about.

LOL, that is pretty awesome, I must say, I appreciate a quick-witted and humorous person that can come up with stuff like that on the spot. Your girl is pretty lucky lol.




Duelyst pickup lines:

Is your name Lilithe? Cuz I’d like you to Daemonic Lure me over to your place.

I’ll have to think of more lol


Is your name Zir’an? Cuz I’d let you heal me all day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Valentine’s Day: I’ll be your Sunsteel Defender hahaha


Gurl r u Kolossus? Cuz i see u growing son!


You must be a zendo player, because I can’t help being drawn to you.

You must’ve been playing Duelyst since the Bloodborn expansion, because you make my Blood Surge.


Dang those are actually pretty good


We need a fixed post for duelyst pick-up lines…


You must be a Nimbus because you’re making my soul burn

You must be Vaath because I fall harder every time I see you

Did you cast dominate will? Because I’d obey your every command

My name is Argeon, cause I’m gonna make you ROAR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Are you an Ironcliffe Guardian? Cause babe, I’m too busy lookin at you to move

Is your name Reva? Cause you’re seeking my heart

Are you playing Songhai? Cause I’d let you use that spiral technique on me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

All I can think of at the moment.


hohohoho, noice.

Your lack of Songhai is showing though.

Your name must be reva, because you set my heart on fire

I like all the others though. 10 outta 10


Thyme for shome vet linthes:

-Girl you must play vet 'cause I think I just got caught in your sand trap
-Just say the word and we’ll astral phase to my place :wink:
-Good thing I’m not a sand howler because you must be putting a spell on me.
-Did you just cast Circle of Dessication because it fells like it’s just you and me in here
-Is your name Falcius? 'Cause when i’m with you, i’m invincible

For the oldies:
You must be using Fountain of Youth because you look just as pretty as the first time we met.
Think we’ve still got that Divine Spark? 'Cause i’m ready for that second card in my life.
I must’ve married Incinera because even though my knees ache, I feel like I can go anywhere with you!


Did you just cast Decmonic Lure? Because for you, I’d go anywhere.
Do you have a Godhammer? 'Cuz your presence makes me grow.
Girl, you wanna play a game against my Songhai deck? I wanna practice using Spiral Technique.
You remind me of a Dreamgazer. It’d pain me to replace you.

Re-re-re-remix: You remind me of an Astral Crusader. If you ever left me, I know I’d never see you again.

Excuse me while I go wash my hands now.
I feel like a Crystal Wisp. I want to go kill myself. <damn, I’m so edgy>


Hey gurl, you ignite the Phoinex Fire in my heart!

I want your life coiled with mine forever!

I use to have Heartseekers, but the only heart I could ever seek is yours.

Are you Serpenti? You’re not?! …I think we’re done here.


ayyyy the best one!