We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Are Ironcliffes some kind of magic creature (like a golem)?

Or are they just really beefy dudes with armor?


They were golems but were exiled for having keywords… then ancinet bonds happened.


thinks of a panddo with huge muscles towering over a cowering ironcliffe


All it takes is a Scion’s Second Wish to make them use the next OBS.


Yu-gi-oh pickup lines:

-IT’S TIME! …TO GO ON A DDDDDDDDDATE WITH ME! (stuttering required)

-You just activated my trap card! Upon meeting me, the opponent must hand over their phone number for a date.

-You must be an Exodia player, because you got all the right cards.

Edit: Fixed Exodia from Exodus - epicflygon

-If I’m the Dark Magician, will you be my Dark Magician Girl?

-White dragons aren’t the only amazing thing with blue eyes.


What if you have green eyes?

I actually have blue eyes, though.


Exodia not exodus, also you can tell them you are going to bring out your dragon :wink:
I’m not gonna make this a separate post so im gonna post it here: I just learned that the decks i man here and in yugioh are both lizards XD.


Fixed it, thanks :slight_smile:

@Spirri Then that line clearly wouldn’t work lol


Damn now my post looks mostly stupid…


You can edit it, but it is funny either way.


Last time i checked my deck was $40 cheaper lul. (im referring to a deck that im confident in, in yugioh)

btw im using $ because im not bothered to change it to euro. btw im Irish so i use euro.


@epicflygon Are in a county where road bowling occurs? Have you ever heard of it? I am bowler over here in the U.S. and was just curious.


What is this, never heard of it , just searched it up and yes google says its related to Ireland.


Lol, it’s not that widely popular even in Ireland.
Watch some videos.


I should’ve guessed what it was by its name…




I think I just realized, but I’m too lazy to check… Does Isbee seriously have three cards made about them now? Smh


You know, these are terrible




Ouch, harsh words :cry: lol

Admitting too, I’m pretty proud about the white dragon one.


I showed a friend, oh if only you could see the pain it was causing him as his face contorted further and further into a cringing expression.