We need a fixed post for duelyst memes




Fun music by which to play Duelyst…


Ive summoned the forbidden one.


Have wood-wen give that pando provoke to completely screw your opponent :stuck_out_tongue:.


I’ve heard radiant dawn isn’t that good actually…
I have 60$ ready for the new one, and maybe I can get the amiibos by doing some stuff.

You have Fates, right?
Send your FC and we can visit each others castle :slight_smile:


I actually don’t have it either :sweat_smile:, it was just something that popped up on my recommended list as I was listening to soundcloud


If he was vet I’d just say 2nd wish + cosmic flesh that panddo for maximum OPness



Fates is pretty good, especially with action replay.

People look so weird as certain classes that they aren’t supposed to be.

I also made a castle filled with Ike, and the Kingdom Motto is “We fight for our friends.”


There are some person who play FE for the story. MEH.
If you like FE only for strategy and battles Radiant Down its ok, if you like the story because thriller and nations in war and stuff Radiant down its just a fanmade writed by someone addicted to drugs.


The moment you realize that panddo is so broke, and you start talking to yourself


i want to make a deck around this now. play songhai and obs your own minion. then buff it up and give it provoke


Unfortunately you can’t do that.



You can OBS then Zenrui :sunglasses:


I’ve done that before but without Aegis they can just turn it into an unbuffed pando :cry:


Don’t worry, it’s the meme that counts :pensive:


Has anyone ever overbuff a Panddo to a point the opponent cast OBS again on it?


Lol, who uses zenrui anymore? :cry:


Actually seen this happen 2-3 times, on streams and in game. It is hilarious.


Imagine if a couple of sorcerers attempted to return Panddo to it’s former form, after months of preparation…
“Sir, I think our project is failed. Instead of returning it to our fellow Ironcliffe Guardian, it only ends with a overly muscular Panddo.”

Can’t you just use Ironcliffe Heart seriously