We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


I would consider that DE, though if you’re not a fan of prismatic, insta DE.


I’m keeping the coldbiter for when I get winterblade and some other things to do artifact faie


Coldbiter doesn’t trigger Winterblade



I was sure it did…


I’m not entirely sure but I’ve never seen it and people are saying winterblade is just terrible because white asp existed


It does, don’t listen to the dragonmaid. It also procs White Asp, in case you were looking for a real man’s Artifact deck :wink: Gravity Well and Bonechill Barrier will also help with this weird ass archetype.


I don’t know why, but listening to Quiet Burn (Roar) of the Fire Emblem Fates Soundtrack really makes me want to play Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn…one of the reasons I would ever get a wii I guess.

On another note, It turns out that listening to VGMs really goes well with Shadowverse. Go figure


Can u give me your gold rank? I will give you my Diamond one.


A sudden thirst to noobstomp?


I’m tired of facing Wallnar with Loreweaver…


Are you planning on getting the new one ?

Shadows of valentia or whatever?


When u are writting fast and u didnt get the point to english yet.


well, i won the card naming contest for the backline archer. the only problem is that I now have an obligation to play it when it comes out and i hate lyonar :3


Oh man…:expressionless:

What did you do to screw your karma?


i actually wasn’t expecting to win at all. i even voted for someone else’s name because i thought it sounded cooler. it’s still really cool though.




I want to, but I just gave in and bought Hyperlight Drifter and Ruin Knight so I’ll hold off until I either finish those two or save up enough money to buy a wii, buy Radiant Dawn, finish it (without anyone dying of course), and then hope that I didn’t just waste my money buying a wii. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


why did no one write hyperlight archer for that naming contest


Stinks to be a winner…



(I only got the game 2 days ago so…)