We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Memories from when?
Edit: This is like… the worst question
Its just that after 2012 Mist Energy limiter ceased to be


Shardbound doesn’t appeal to me. There’s a different card game I’ve been playing that I’ve reallllly enjoyed lately; I find the game to be extremely well made. I opt out of saying though out of respect, and hopes, of Duelyst.

KROSMAGA though is an interesting concept and game design. The major concerns I have with it are how stingy they are (or at least it feels) as a market and the game length. Game design spoiler (for those interested in learning and critical thinking, don’t click):

KROSMAGA’s system is a bit off due to the 5 lane implementation; this leads itself to an almost REQUIRED amount of minimum game length. Because of this, one would understand that games will be longer; and because of this, higher mana value minions/spells are better to have. This is a great game design analysis for those who look to compare it to Duelyst and why that is, but I will leave that for the individuals. Overall, I think KROSMAGA could benefit by a 3 lane system with only 1 fake Doofus (I like to spell/say it that way). However, due to some card designs, it may already be too late for them in this, and the game will most likely forever consist of overall long-ish games.


I’ve been enjoying the Pathfinder Adventures card game for solo gaming recently, but dooly will always be the 2 player gold standard


Lol I play a wide range of stuff. Sadly, I’m not very good at any of them :confused:

League: cardboard 2 (b2)
Dota: 800mmr
Cs go: sem/gn1
Dooly: dia (only card game O.o)
AI war: 8.3 difficulty attempt (about to get crushed)


If you enjoy it tell me and I’ll make a new character so we can play in a party


If reference to a recent thread…


I got shardbound on steam, doesn’t work.

I can’t do the tutorial

It just crashes…

It’s a shame because I really do want to play it


Same. Just don’t have the computer power…


Has anyone seen Rimworld? I don’t believe it’s in the category peoples were talking about but I think it’s a good base management sim. I’ve played like 100 hours


Have you gone down the path of human cannibalism and organ harvesting yet?


No, I kinda just play for fun and my game won’t work lately :,(
It just won’t start due to an unknown error


I will give it a shoot this summer, lets see if it has something cool to offer.


I am making a vanar deck and need some good (but cheap) card draw. any help?


Conjurer or Circulus or Trinity WIng.


both are in bloodborn/ancient bonds tho right?


sojouner or blaze hound are the cheapest ones


“I put my heart and soul in this deck.” Oh this is how control faie players are heartless.


50 minutes until my reign of terror is reconvened…


Opening my 4 orbs from the newbie melee

It gets better…

900 spirit :slight_smile:


Super lucky; prophet OP