We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Nah, it’d be easier to shoot a symmetra shield at her


When you don’t have overwatch :frowning:


I don’t either xdd

I play Heroz of teh Strom tho


Does anyone else here play wakfu?

For those who don’t know
It’s a turn based combat on a grid MMORPG

There’s a lot of different classes to choose from with different skills and you can ally with friends to fight enemies, or even do PvP.

The classes are very unique.

There’s the classic warrior, the Iop.

Or there’s a more support oriented class, the pandawa.
It’s a panda.

There’s also a guy who can make portals that him and his teammates can go through, and he can shoot energy beams through them. Kiting enemies works on big maps, I’ve soloed a boss with it

I’m a level 40 something Iop I believe, so if anyone else would like to join me or if you already play tell me.


2.0, am I right? How do you like it? I just logged in yesterday for the first time since the patch.


Yeah, it’s raining free stuff, It’s dope, finally got my fav Zeratul and Kael’thas skin!


I tried HotS once. It feels prety unconfortable to play, even more than DOTA2. I’m not gonna give a second shoot. Once bitten, twice shy. I will stay on LoL for mobas atm.

I also tried to play Wakfu too, bot it looked pretty bored to be honest. Support class sucks anyway.


Ayyyy what’s changed since season 5?


…I have no faith in you.


What did you (not) do?


Alright fellow memers, I am about to embark on a perilous quest.

Starting at 6:30 pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time, I will attempt to refrain from liking anything in this forum for 24 hrs.

I want all of my likes to be available in one block of time. Since I tend to use all of my likes regardless, I think it will be less frustrating for me to do this reset than the situation currently stands; waiting for seeming random refills.

As always, wish me the worst. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good luck out there! We will remember you in our hearts! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


quickly someone post some hawt maymays so as to screw up frisbee’s plan


I believe it is past the time, so I gotchu m8


I’m skeptical of any rpg that locks certain races/models to certain classes. That said, I have played… Krosmaga, the Wakfu card game :grin:


I like it, but their gameplay makes 99% of games take forever, or at least a lot longer than an average duelyst game. There’s a spoiler about game design I have for it, but I’ll save it later


It’s pretty fun, I’d recommend you try it


I guess I will, tell you what I think in a bit.

BTW, speaking of other card games, is anyone else keeping an eye on Shardbound? I’ve been watching their subreddit waiting for the Mac version to become available 0_0


Starbound is pretty bad actually. Things like base character and action speed really hinder combat gameplay to the point it gets boring. Because of this movement issue you will never meet an enemy you are just good enough to beat- Its either easy or their stats were too great for you, but never fun.
I played multiplayer, multiple times. The game does not amplify your fun, rather, its only fun because of your friends.
Terraria is way better paced.

Also, I used to play Wakfu. Its fine, but Spiral Knights is dominant in the MMO slot for me.


Ohh, the memories!