We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Why is he screwed? Also, that isn’t Dragall, thats 00hp


The best about all this is that im just D5.
How the hell matchmaking exactly works?


S isn’t very full right now. In high Diamond you’re often matched up against low S rank (that should be pretty mid S), but since the season is only halfway over you got it early.

I once got matched against TM while he was S rank #1… and I was only in Gold at the time.


Are you gold6 on that time?


I think I was 7? Idk it was the start of the season




Actually, I won. But thanks for the vote of confidence


wat ヽ(`Д´)ノ


Your current pp seems like your reaction when you won that lol


lul wat anime is that pp from


I always thought that was Pharah from Overwatch?


My favorite one :thumbsup:


I notice the color for the number of posts in the topic gets darker depending on how popular the topic is. I wonder how frequently we must post to get this number as dark as my soul.

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that’s racist


i found longshots avatar collection

quick! someome put the bug eyes on them!


Not many, actually, none at all really. After all, how does one get the color of something that does not exist?


Hey, cheer up boyo! At least Code Geass is getting a proper 3rd season right?


love me some nighttime noobs :slight_smile:


More like


Press Q for Megakill xdd


I’m used to seeing the Argeon fsjal on you lol. Although, Rocket-Bird Lady is pretty dank too.

Justice! RAINS FROM ABOVE! Genji hits deflect, Pharah instantly shot down