We need a fixed post for duelyst memes



Man, I love that show!



Just found a pepe ahegao…I can’t unsee that. Damn you internet…I want to quit you


Excerpt from urbandictionary

japanese word for fked silly
try searching for ahegao next time you look at p

Censored slightly, but I suppose you could just look it up yourself if you wanted the full definition in all its naked glory.

@isbee not sure what you were expecting


I know the face, just forgot that was the name for it…wasn’t expecting pepe to be in the top few results. Nothing surprises me as far as human depravity goes, just that it can be so close to the surface sometimes.


It is pretty casual/everyday stuff as far as human depravity goes, but I mean it was only a matter of time, right?




What has been seen cannot be unseen.
You’re using reverse pyschology to make me google that. Now I’m scarred for my life.


It’s a good thing that I had already scarred myself for life after looking up a few undesirable things! Now I know better than to give into online reverse psychology!


Note to all: ecliptix does not put up with off-topic as we may have been accustomed to in the past: by asking us to stay on topic…

Of course, I just assume it was ecliptix. That is one purpose of the flag function, so I don’t blame anyone. You don’t want your thread locked when no one has even started to talk about the topic yet.

If anyone wants to do a better job at conversation:

I’ll try to stay on topic outside of this thread. Guess I am a little spoiled here.


Jeez isbee, I thought you were supposed to like everything? Are you letting @longshot405 @shortstop’s posts get to you?


I don’t know if I can like the posts of the intruder we had today. Those may go unliked, because damn if I don’t have some principles.


There was an intruder?


More like flag war


Speaking of which, do you have any idea what that guy was talking about @galaxydueler?


that just makes me think they were playing capture the flag where the winner gets their account deleted


Makes one think ‘stalker,’ ‘notify police,’ and ‘restraining order.’



Heya, i finally reached Diamond, lets try to have some good matchups and lets see if i can hit S-rank.

Also, me:



Wait… is that THE Dragall? If so, you are so screwed boi