We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


ok time to find/steal a meme to change the topic


best i could do on short notice is this


He is a Design God for a reason ya know?


I look up your profile to see why you know that and I find this

Maybe @gabriek deserves the Lilith fsjal after all…


I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. They’re wrong. While it’s regrettable that some people are downies, they certainly shouldn’t write about it.


You don’t have to be sorry, friend. :nerd_face:
I didn’t say anyone was wrong or right; just how I felt. I respect your views. I would still invite you over for dinner. Do you like your pasta “al dente?”


What guys? I don’t get it.


Why would you even like this?!


Gabriek deserves the avatar for one reason and one reason alone

hes in the DPL B)




BECAUSE I CAN!!! And you can’t stop me.


Better “pasta al dente” than “pasta scotta”

The last one feels like tiny tentacle soup,

and reminds me hentai is a thing


So here’s some memes for some of you vets, these ones are really old. Thanatos dug them up on stream lol, made by his buddy smurfscale

Gen 1


Gen 2


Gen 3


A few of these are still relevant actually, although not complained about anymore because of 2 draw


~Mmmmm~ the shitty tempest was particulaly divine. Bravo


I take no credit, all from an old reddit moderator named smurfscale :slight_smile:

I find the Gen 3 last two to be particularly relevant given the date and the recent Kelaino nerf


I miss the old triangle rarities. The circles just feel so generic.


I literally LOL’d on the Magmar Ager one. 10/10
Also, the Blaze Hound is just on time.




Did you just bump the meme thread


Tap Tap…:roll_eyes: