We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


So did isbee <BTVTTC%C%>


hmmm, I counted 3 before. Did he vote more?


Yup, isbee thinks isbee should be banned asrn


Yeah exactly…screw that guy…


But you are that guy… :thinking:


Last time I checked, yes.

Me: "Isbee? Are you still me?"
Isbee: "Yes."
Me: “Okay. Just checking.”


So therefore @isbee should be banned. No?


He seems to think so…but what do I know?


Now wait a second here…
What did I ever do to you?
That’s it. It’s over. I can no longer be you or myself.


Not even I meant, but now I can’t fight you because you already fought yourself. It was actually a “Case of Charles Dexter Ward” reference, but oh well. Also, nice ellipses.


Oh, I know what you meant, you Lovecrafter. I was just teasing you…err…I mean me…@isbee


Oh damn! new codex out, and its a rollercoaster of emotions
Theres a semi-detailed description of serpentis being totured (sad)
serpenti is confirmed pronounced serpentEYE for some reason (confused)
Quote: “led by eighteen-year-old Cassyva” (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


Yeah! It’s pretty sad for sure. Poor Serpi…:frowning:


Ellipses are (almost)never the best option. Just use line breaks. It causes the same effect of pauses while looking FAR more distinguished.

But, don’t overuse them like some people do. Everything in moderation. If you do insist on using them, please use only three, and a space after.


…he says to the guy who broke the like economy.


I don’t condone that either.


I fucking called it. Serpent-EYE not serpent-E.
Now who laughed at me when I was the only one who voted for serpent-EYE in that pole sometime ago???


You’re still wrong


I laughed at you.