We need a fixed post for duelyst memes



isbees likes are almost worthless like the a zimbabwe dollar

now you see why the 51 likes i have given out are worth so much


Even then, I think @isbee’d be ahead of you :joy:


but then somebody who liked 1 post and never posted would win because 1/0 is waaayyy higher than anything/1. just ask @excogitator


1/0 is 0, we don’t deal with the infinite or indefinite


It’s so high, it’s undefined


Good, he deserves it :thumbsup:


You argue that your lack of likes raises their value, but what if I personally value @isbee’s love quite a bit, but don’t care if you notice me at all? :thinking:


You get 100 dollars a day, but at the end of the day, any money you have left over is taken by a gremlin.

Now, you go out and buy a loaf of bread, some eggs, maybe some milk. Some days you’ll buy a burger, with a side of fries. Now those are good days.

Isbee, on the other hand, decides, hey, I’m gonna buy a bunch. Isbee, buys his bread, his eggs, his milk. Some days, isbee also buys a burger with fries. But on the special days, isbee treats himself to a 5 star gourmet meal. He then follows that up by eating directly from the dumpster for no reason.

While @isbee does end up liking great posts, it doesn’t make a difference since he likes a lot of garbage too. You, on the other hand, don’t make use of your likes, and end up living a life of pure mediocrity.


Well @mmf, looks like it could be time for you to throw out another poll…about me and my likes.


Just you all wait for when I get the F.A.Q. finished…then you’ll see how useful and awesome I am. You will all be cool by association because I liked your posts here.


… fixed it for you :bomb:
For myself…I should say…


Poor isbee. Responding to his own post…you should be ashamed of @galaxydueler!


Good idea

  • Has @isbee seriously devalued the like currency?
  • Should @isbee be banned for it?
  • Has @oranos suffered for his lack of likes?
  • Should @oranos suffer?
  • Does @mmf have an unhealthy poll obsession?
  • Should @ryvirath increase the cap on likes again?
  • is @johnbob78 the more deserving user of the profile picture @gabriek stole?

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All votes are an agreement with the question


Not that defending my personal choices would matter much, but I am much more selective about giving likes outside of this thread. If you mainly post here, as I do, then it would seem reasonable for you to become jaded to my likes. But I assure you all that I read every post, and if anyone takes the time to write something I will give that person some form of acknowledgement. It doesn’t matter if it was garbage or not. I say “Hi” to random people on the street because I believe it is important to give some essence of humanity to people and not just treat them like objects in my field of vision.

And furthermore, I am the eggman AND the walrus.


“Et Tu, Brute?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


More like a careful balance between too few and too many. You give out so few it has little value because they are so rarely seen.


The jon678910 Like-Value Theorem


Emmm, excuse me. Your fifth option has a grammatical mistake, it should obviously be POLL(s) all caps instead of poll. I mean seriously, gosh


/pointing out the POLL(s) mistake, and not my lack of capitalization in the “is @johnbob78 the more deserving user of the profile picture @gabriek stole?” smh.


hahaHHAHAHAHAHA I VOTED FOR ALL OF THEM AHAHAHAHAHSDFASIPJDFPasijdfsidf;dsadjflaskdj;fldasjf;laskdjfa;lskdfja;lskdjf