We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Old people. <ieo fghjkla87tfcvghbnkdlotfcv bnm,ltfcvbntf>



It automatically double posts when we post to our news section on our main website, I just deleted the second one :sleeping:


That story made me unreasonably sad :confused:


No “Why don’t you just isgo away?”?


Isbeecause he’s fallen and can’t get up. he should’ve gotten that lifealert instead of likealert


But there aren’t any f***ing posts here? unless it’s faie. She’s the only softcore naughty stuff @ryvirath let’s us post :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: fogoth to censor


Is that what you are trying to say? :upside_down_face:


Why is Angela Merkel telling me I’m the weakest link?





Yes! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Why is who…wha?! Merkel?! Anne Robinson…
I…uh…guess they look similar…


Which part in particular?


You crying in a corner. What a bully that Isgopet is


To be fair, you did completely devalue the like as a currency.


We will be going into the like depression soon, really not worth anything anymore similar to a pirates promise or the meat of the buffalo


The like was a currency? I thought it was a socio-economic system used to dictate the power hierarchy within the forums, establishing a set arc where the most liked were subject to the highest social labeling therefore making them the most susceptible to accountability on their actions.

We’re always judging you~


I think it’s more like a compliment. You have to carefully balance how many you give, the more you give, the less each individual one is worth.


What an unjust system, as the more you post the more you are liked. I’ve liked far more of Isbee’s posts than he’s liked of mine for instance, simply because he posts more.

A true system would have a ratio of likes to posts, with the highest ratio shining on top.