We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


That was his point lol.
Also @phayze, HOTS is for filthy casuals.


Dots is clearly just a rip off of the cult classic parapa the rappa


League patches:
1.Fixing an overpowered, newly released champ because they unintentionally fucked up the balance, and the blatant imbalance was definitely not a deliberate act to boost the new champ’s sells (/s)

2.Changing for the sake of change. Champs often gets overhauled without being problematic (too weak/too strong/too problematic) at all. They’re just overhauled because reasons.


Also HotS in 2017 LUL
I could complete a master’s degree and you’d still be in the queue for a casual match in HotS


HotS sounds like a restaurant place…or maybe a clothing store

Either way it’s definitely not a tavern!


HotS is also the most chill. Least amount of douchebags spitting flame everywhere.

@kelvindagr8 Yes, and Dota is based off of WC3, by Blizzard i.e. Heroes of the Storms creators.

@bublublub The Q’s aren’t hat long tbh. I don’t consider 2-3 minutes to be that long lol. Of course, if yours is 10 minutes, I have to assume you suck enough that the system is having trouble finding 9 other players that suck that bad.



Dota is not based on WC3, it just was using the wc3 engine for the custom map, which was not made by Blizzard.


Anti-mage --> Illidan(NElf form)
Terrorblade --> Illidan(Demonic form)
Invoker --> Kael’thas
Drow Hunter (Is that her name?) --> Sylvanas
Rylai (I think thats CMaiden’s name) --> Jaina
Abaddon --> Arthas
Venomancer --> Naga
The one that rides a White Tiger (don’t even know the name)–> Tyrande
I don’t even know much of the warcraft lore or Dota heroes and those are all I can think off think the top of my head.
Class starting, may or may not update later


I’m not even gonna argue about that first one. I know that’s true. I’d say there’s only been one champ that’s been weak on release recently, and that’s bard.

The second part isn’t completely true. Usually changes will occur if a champion is underplayed, overpowered, or they’re just boring. The latter usually results in predictable plays (e.g warwick, ryze).


Guys, this is the Duelyst Forums, not how your favorite MOBA is da bestest


Fair enough lol


Yes you can. It’s pretty easy.
Here, let me show you:

Isgopet: “Hey, Isbee.”

Isbee: “Yes?”

Isgopet: “You are ruining everything that I hold sacred in this thread and you should stop liking every fucking post. Nobody wants that.”

Isbee: “But I really do like every post and I…”

Isgopet: “Shush up yer face hole! I’m not finished.”

Isbee: …

Isgopet: “You are obsessed with shit that was a joke months ago. It’s not funny anymore and we are way past that. You seem to be desperate for attention and are choosing to continue your folly by clinging to the notion that you are somehow popular because of your “Like Everything” shtick.”

Isbee: “…but!..”

Isgopet: “Can it, tryhard! You are useless and your likes are worthless. Come back when you have developed a sense of dignity and self-actualization. In the meantime, the cool people will be here trying to clean up your mess.”

Isbee: “…I didn’t mean for it to turn out this way! You made me this monster!” ::runs away to weep like child in the darkness:: :


See…easy. :kissing_heart::money_mouth_face:


Can we even be sure about that anymore…:thinking:


Or he can call me, give me proof of you using forbidden magic and I’ll antimage on you.


I’m dying. I have terminal laughter just from these lines.


good memes now?


Joseki is pretty dank

We haven’t got too many memes lately


Not just based on, built off of.


Dude. That’s like… my direction. How dare you steal my memic orientation!


My point exactly.


There’s just been so much to talk about lately. The Reclaim the Ruins thread, discussing the good and bad of patch 1.83, changing decklists, and even marveling at @emil’s ability to not double post for once! It’s madness (in a less memey way ofc)