We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Twenty! That’s like…a metric shitton of frustration right there! :laughing:


I bet 1 serpenti that it cant be done cause being contrary is fun


Not if you inflict CRIPPLING DEPRESSION on the thumbs!


how to win:

3x joseki
3x loreweaver
3x loremaster
3x mindwarper

gg s rank 2 ez


I agree nerf plz CPG, get @bublublub’s nerfhammer on this!


CRIPPLING DEPRESSION : Debuff. Duration : 60s. This unit cannot be healed.


even if you say “cheer up” or “its just a phase” the effect will not be removed



Sounds like a dota 2 item effect


How about
UNIQUE Passive : Healing received by this unit is reduced by 40%


Lol I haven’t played cs go in so long… when I started again, the negev became suck and 2k and dust 2 isn’t active duty anymore wtf valve


At the very least, your avatar flip can’t effect @colexiel


There are a few things I’d like to say. First of all, it’s really
disappointing to be back! Seriously, what happened to this thread?
Second, I sincerely apologize for creating the monster that is Isbee. He’s
gotten too powerful and I can’t put him down. Should’ve listened to
Jedediah Orne, and more importantly, I should never have started the
profile competition. Third, I’ve been studying the arts of Raqyee, trying
to figure out why we all have such affection towards him. My results are so
far inconclusive, but are showing some promise. If I can just figure out
the secrets of his pyromancy, I might be able to stop the current like
influx. The rates of inflation are through the roof, worse than Romania in
1993! They’re almost entirely worthless. He’s screwing up the economy.
Fourth, what are your favorite meme cards (excluding Serpenti of course,
he’s an auto-include)? Fifth, and finally, how does one start a
conversation? I struggle with this.

May your decks be ever-dank.


oh god riverfront in pepperoni my formatting


Yes I am immune to it!


how about we play a game that isn’t a blatant ripoff from another game?

Dotuh >Leageu


I’ve lost so much faith. I came for duelyst memes, but I end up getting regular memes.


How about we play a game that isn’t an eyesore and that is actually patched regularly.


Every week. I’d consider that reasonably regular m80
And you @bublublub! Heroz of teh Strom > Leeguu > Doti


League was actually based off of dota, eg. Crystal Maiden => Rylai’s Crystal Scepter