We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Minus the kid and…yeah…pretty much. :kissing_heart:


I’m waiting for the day that @isbee likes are nerfed to being worth half the value of a regular like.



Isn’t that saying he doesn’t like people?


Yes, @johnbob78. At most 0.4999999999999999999999999 of you all are liked…to a certain degree. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If there is an odd number of y’all, then I guess I will have to dislike your left ear to even it out.


What will you do when you’ve liked ALL of the meme posts?


But how can you number…a meme?!?


It depends on the value of a meme, for instance how many Joesekis is a SMOrc Vaath worth?




So about a third, eh guess that’s what happens when it’s so common


It’s actually a Thrid. Trust me, I’m an expect in Thrid dynamics


Actually it’s about two thirds of an Orb Weaver I got after using it. Two thirds because I get one third of a second Weaver from its opening gambit


Break both of my thumbs so that the power cannot be used for evil. The thumbs are where the magicks reside.


But what if the forces of evil know healing magic, or necromancy!

They could just restore your thumbs


I doubt someone who has achieved mastery over the magic of reanimating the dead would have much practice on the way of restorative magic. Not do I think anyone would teach a Necromancer how to heal.


Thats why i said or
As in either or


you can’t like all of the meme posts. more than 100 posts are made a day in this thread.

on a separate note, I can finally play vetruvian…

shame noshrak’s gunna be nerfed tomorrow


O ye of little faith…




I got twenty Josekis down that says it can be done!