We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Hebephilia is a form of Pedophilia isn’t it?


i dont get it


Most definitely debatable. It depends on the researcher you read. But yes, technically, as it currently stands in certain publications.


I don’t either…on all accounts.


Defiantly seems like it, I only said lolicon because pedophile is a pretty harsh work for the forums :thinking:

plus they were anime girls


By definition, no. By law, yeah pretty much.

Anyway, welcome to “We need a fixed post for pedophilia discussions”, the thread.


Roman goddess of youth. We get a bunch of -phobias (Roman Phobos) or -philes (Greek Philos) from Latin and Greek. That’s why the correct conjugation of Octopuses is Octopodes or Octopuses or Octopi. They’re all technically correct.





dressing like a shrub doesnt make you one


But dressing like a scrub does, if you’re anything to judge by :thinking: :wink:


dressing like a shrub more like. :^)


Oh, going Monty now are we?



?! I can’t odd…


Ten minutes later…
Somewhere between Rank 10 and Rank 1…


Hear the nerfhammer drop!

Nerf debuffs:

  • costs 1 more
  • costs 2 more
  • +1/-2
  • gains +0/1 and costs 1 more
  • -1/-1 costs 1 more
  • The server blocks connection with you for 90 seconds whenever you play this card

Damn should’ve submitted this masterpiece to the card design contest.


costs 1 more
costs 2 more
gains +0/1 and costs 1 more
-1/-1 costs 1 more
nerf text


@isbee I can just imagine you and your family going out to eat like:


i was trying to integrate the past nerfs into this meme also, but i guess that didnt work well.
Changed the nerf texts, thanks


I like your version of nerfhammer better than mine. It has functionality. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: