We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


And it only seems relevant to post something else:

Not even sure that I can trust the superior memer brother @johnbob78 now that he’s rotated his image…


What’re you talking about mate? I only rotated my image to make a very layered critique of our culture.

The first post was originally ironic. But when looked upon by fresh eyes, the joke is lost. This is obviously a layered critique of our culture being too worried about quick returns, and not truly enjoying life.
-Every English Teacher Ever


Is the meme how he keeps repeating the fact that he’s in the DPL or that he thinks he’s good at Duelyst?


I’m great at duelys

i know because I’m in the DPL


Why are you in the DPL?



me and @galaxydueler look like we’re conspiring while @johnbob78 @whyb0t and @dewize are waiting for the awesomeness but @phayze is annoyed at not being included. @isbee is trying to console him with likes.


QUICK! @isgopet , post 5 more times. then it will look like @kelvindagr8 is staring at you way too intesnly.


It’s like a soap opera around here…

Like posts in the meme thread, so are the days of our lives…

Imma go back to playin’ P5 now…


Because I’m a pro :sunglasses:


When u see someone saying kaleos sucks:


Really, kaleos is kaleos’ son? You could’ve put hamon or even the blink icon there.


Looking back on past memes and realizing that 14 people thought that fake link actually went somewhere.

What a bunch of gullible fools


Definitely enjoyed the smug…:relieved:


I never knew you were a lolicon :confused:


Clicked it to boost your self confidence and satisfy my curiosity. Win-win situation.


Where did this even come from?! :scream:


:confused: ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ




Who would give the best hickey? …a neck-romancer :joy: where’s the door again?


I would also like to know what this slander is about ಠ_ಠ