We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


i wanna believe in the legendary flying panddo, also known as the great paddo

but i suspect foul play from silhouette tracer


It’s a reskinned chaos elemental, I’d bet.


Got silenced. 15 chars


Met @kevin2hard, my idol, on the ladder today. Was so excited to play him.

10 minutes of this:


Nice!:sunglasses: I should really get around to adding some of you fine folks to my friend list.


Here’s another counter thesis to @jon678910’s pic: How can the wind striker kick if it does not have legs?!? :spy:


It strikes with the wind, DUH


But three strikes and it’s out :confused:. Oh wait, didn’t realize that he only had two strikes. My mistake


He’s a striker! There are no other strikers in duelyst.


Kevined so hard, he broke the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


one time i ran into kevin 3 or so different times in one day. I added him afterwards


I beat him and his precious Ziran with Sajj.
When you don’t draw your one-of decimate to clear board.


I just thought of a OTK.
Kajuta Dance of Dreams Rex Rex Rex Morin-Khur Flash something Flash something Flash something for 27 damage.


except that its 8 mana to pull off, 6 with kujata on the field
edit: woops, thought this was the optimal turn 2 thread


That’s why I posted it in this thread.
edit: It’s theoretically possible with 2 kajutas with celebrants for mana and manaforger+2 castings of dance of memes. No one has the skill to do that thought.


T1P2 : Azurite Lion into 2 Auryn Nexus
T2P2 : Auryn Nexus Divine Bond, face to lethal
Now we need a terrible P1 and a dedicated P2.


12 o’clock I woke up open my PC to play duelfist :

Just to say my PC is a memer


are all the good memers dead?

there isn’t any memes rn

im dying


I worked all summer and made $4k CAD.


thats not a meme