We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


No silly, you make up BS that sounds good, and justify it. (At least, that’s what I do on 90% of my exams)


Works on everything but Science and Math


I don’t think you can just make up history either, unless the dinosaurs really were behind the Artic War of 1765 in Mexico


say NOPE* 15char


Nope, but by using vague/non definitive pronouns, you could simply make a case for something else just substituting the names of what you don’t know with words like “factions” “group” “aggressors” etc… There are many amazing ways that you can work around what you don’t know.


Or just give up and play duelyst.

(Not recommended)


they weren’t? thats always what my history teacher said


he is also the basketball coach


idk what he knows


I had a teacher that taught grade 10 art and grade 11 physics at the same time. Impressive man, he was.


i got this idea for a card while watching grinch’s stream. it was pretty funny.

Edit: Just realized the lenny face got a bit messed up in bagoum. oh well


Nerf thread number two is up! Let the tears flow


I must admit this is a different flavor of nerf thread. Typically complaints are drawn from spells or rush minions (aside from Variax). This time it’s about making a minion munch your face off for being allowed to survive a turn.


Are you on about the life coil one?


Yeah, that’s the one.


Yeah, I don’t see the point of it. I’ll just be in this here corner complaining about knell and lavaslasher.


Someone just called Yasuo "human paintbrush"
that cracked me up


Eh I’ve seen it before.


I call him more of a mop, because only failures play him and he’s used to mop up dirt. :>


can someone put up a gif of two vaaths attacking each other? i want to look at a duelyst dance party


i just had a moment that i think was pretty memey. I had a player forget to kill my eggs in a magmar deck not once, but twice. he shame-conceded immediately afterwards


“You can’t Just put Dio’s Face on something and then call it a meme”
“Maybe post memes that are not Jojokes for once”

Just you try and stop me: