We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Alcohol ring? What’s that?


Alcohol ring? Is it more like diamond ring or onion rings?


Whatever happened to memes?

*sadface *


same thing that happened to you, they take real long breaks every once in a while


I’ve witnessed a mini-drug deal at my school


Was this regular people dealing mini drugs, or dwarves dealing regular drugs?


the former, I think it was Marijuana…?


Expose them
Crush them
Kill them
Make them disappear from the surface the Earth.
Scum like this should not be allowed to live.


What do you mean by “alcohol ring”? It’s not like alcohol’s illegal. Pus, if they’re underage you could just tell 'em about the whole “so long as your guardian buys it and gives it to you on private property rule”.


How about we post some memes


this is not a doolist meme but whatever


Hey, just whatever you do make sure that you stay safe and keep away from being part of that crew. You need to be here instead of in trouble if you want to keep making memes
Oh and don’t forget to notify any adults If you do find the ring :cop:


okay, here you go


I never take breaks. I’m always here. Lurking. Watching your every move, reading your every post, judging your every meme, liking your every gif.


Then tell me why I have so few likes from you. LIES! LIES, ALL OF THEM!



The text actually is “when you draw this card put two flash reincarnation in your hand”

his name is actually Jeff


Okay, so here’s an example of the new meta’s auto-concede moment. (1st Juggernaut is dead, giving birth to another Juggernaut and…wtf Peacekeeper?!)


Your wish is my command:

This one took a bit longer than I’d have liked. I was lacking inspiration, but I hope this will suffice.

[details=Blooper] I had made this using the Bagoum card maker, but painted in the picture myself when I realized… Bagoum lets you use any picture you want. So… I started over with a different goal in mind. Below is the previous version I made:



thats why nightshroud is like this