We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


I have spent most of the day in bed…where’s that Android beta when you need it. :nauseated_face:


Is it so bad that you can’t get up for your PC?
Maybe you can wrap yourself in your blanket while on your computer seat. That’s what I do.


Yeah, it is pretty impossible to sit up right now. My laptop won’t run Duelyst right now. I just have to get more sleep and relax. It’s all good.


Thanks for the well wishes! I am starting to feel like eating again, so that means I should be clear of this by tonight or tomorrow.
I will be back to losing at Duelyst before you know it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think my total winrate across all factions is somewhere between 35-40%.


Feel better Isbee. #isbeefeelsbadman


Hope you get well soon @isbee. Without a necro-farmer, we’ll have to fend off the zombie goats alone. #isbeefeelsbadman


Then stop posting on the forums and go to bed!


poor isbee



I guess this is the right place to post this (?)

“You don’t need to heal if you don’t take damage”


You disgust me. Die to Sajj.


Oh no, vet is really taking a lot of space in my heart. I played structure zirix today and had a good run. Watching f8d streams sure have helped a lot.


Peace keeper one me a game as magmar one turn away for defeat… that double celerity frenzy was awesome


we need some more memes

fire up microsoft paint


We need to make this a thing. I’d do it but I’m not going to…


Ib4 he rashas curses you :money_mouth:



wrong thread sir

i hope maelrawn deletes that so I look stupid


What? I guess a miniature, non-frenzy rush minion isn’t good enough for ya huh!? What more do you want :sob:


I would just lose my artifact, the dervish wouldn’t be able to kill me because shroud stays in the enemy turn. His only chance to win was to use a dispell in my general, but we are talking about Vetruvian here, kek.

Here’s the full match if you want to take a look.

EDIT: Sorry, my mistake. The screenshot shows the end of my turn. I don’t had shroud cast on me yet, so if my oponent had managed to cast a rasha’s curse it would be gg indeed. It’s just after this turn that he doesn’t have any chance to win without a dispell.


Oh, didn’t see the use of the shroud there. Anyways, as long as he didn’t use all of his sources of DIspEl yet (which vetruvian is most definitely going to have) then there is always the possibility for ephemeral + rush dervish combo. Of course, the likely hood of his having that combo is pretty low, but not impossible.

EDIT: jeez, the end was so painful to watch


Yes, the likelyhood for me to pull one shroud from corona draw and another from ending turn draw while having a Loreweaver in the board is pretty abismal too, but it happened xD


So I’ve just found out about a large alcohol ring at school. I don’t really
have enough evidence to expose it, but I will soon. Should I keep y’all