We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Right. Basically, I was saying that my own experience doesn’t mean that EMP can’t be created by Juggernaut. I had concluded that I was simply unlucky. Also, I wasn’t saying that I wanted one, nor was I saying it would activate the OG. I was just stating my observations.


I am not amused by this exp just like the gold lion.


That lion looks smug af



Ironclad and Deepfire devourer come along and meme it up

this was a meme i think


Are you playing Duelyst on a toaster or smth
The framerate, man


its a laptop powered by potatos




whats the biggest meme this expansion?


Sirocco I guess


What are you talking about? Sir Occo is almost as good as Sir Penti!


I believe the answer is simple, joseki is the biggest meme


yayyyyyyyyyyy songhai :expressionless:


srsly tho, the Joseki reference is basically devs admitting that they’re mimicing card designs from other CCGs


It’s because one of our devs is named Joseki, and thats the card that references that, same as Inquisitor Kron is Kronikle for example. if his name was Plingsirington thats what the card would have been called.


I have spent most of my time in the Bloodmoon Ruins.


it has to do with the game go, its when both sides are equal, which seems fitting for the card name


How I feel and why I am not playing Duelyst right now…

Stomach virus


Ripperoni in pepperoni