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We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


Which means it’s either Magmar or Abyssian. You’re not very good at keeping secrets, are ya?


But yet you still don’t know what it is! Ha!

Doesn’t matter, the fact I said I’d get beat up for it is reason enough to get beat up :frowning:


If I was close to a computer, I’d be putting in a Liam neeson meme.

“I know who you are, so I will find you, and I will destroy you (in a game of duelyst)”


Two games later, just hit Diamond. Go me, baby! Took me 89 wins because of my dumb silly decks I like to play half the time, but still, I’m happy.

Oh geeze, I just realized That I’ve only got 305 total wins… Which means the ribbon accounts for 1/3 of my wins.

Also, since @seraphicreaper demanded it:


I’d actually like to be able to see how close I am to my next ribbon. That way i’ll know when my next abyss ribbon will be, rather than guessing.

P.S. Why all the Abyss hate? It isn’t even the best faction?


This is what you need to do


Kelaino, Variax, Revenant, Punish…what’s NOT to hate? :slight_smile:


They enslaved the lovable Serpenti :anguished:


They only have the best early, mid and late game cards.



Conveniantly ignoring double pax, windblade lion, gravity well chaser/cloaker,katara, and flash steel silithar openers which are as good if not better than double ooz.

Also ignoring bonded ironcliffe, eternal snowchasers, chromatic cold, makantor jesus, falcius, holy immolation, chakri avatar, inner focus, and that one artifact that makes memes more than dreams.


But those are from all the factions, the ones i listed are only from abyssians :wink:

I forgot




#ghost thing


not mentioning a certain 7mana 6/6 rush
As a abyssian main I’m triggered to see this.




That photo is off the rails!


*derailed 15 char


ten/10 ign would derail again


I won a game with 3 hp attacking face with only nosh rak for 3 consecutives turns

He had 23 hp

That’s a salty meme

But still a meme indeed


conveniently forgetting that while double pax is good vet has no removal to stay in the game afterwards against your bloodmoon priestess locked in a corner. Also ignoring that the bonded ironcliffe can be killed by abbyses many removal options before it does anything. The funny thing is with rotb and the nerfs to vanar abbysian is slowly taking vanar’s place as the queens of removal

The point is that while it may not be the best in every category. it has above average options for almost everthing, making it good in most situations


Chillax, boys! Here, have an Abyssian meme (Photo found by google, I claim no credits for this. Also this was from time before 2 generals/faction, so it’s only really meme in the current context)