We need a fixed post for duelyst memes


The title says everything.

Edit: This image is not mine, found it by googling “duelyst memes”.

I’d like a place for Duelyst memes, how about everyone else?

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This thread's title has finally been decided on
This thread's title has finally been decided on
This thread's title has finally been decided on

I heard you liked Duelyst memes, so I put some Duelyst memes in your Duelyst memes


Memes are not okay.

edit: lmao 20char limit


I totally agree with that, but there isn’t any off topic/media category on the forum so I don’t know where to put it, unless we want to make this post the fixed post for duelyst memes


@zg4ry Make this post THE post.


Let’s make this T H E P O S T then rofl


This was a meme I saw on reddit a long time ago. I recreated it in Duelyst DB.

EDIT: size


Amazing one:

I made dis


I dont see any serpenti anywhere here…THIS HAS TO CHANGE!


<img src="/uploads/duelyst/original/1X/0b96fc18916a475d8cd0f842ad62c34f7e994123.gif" width=“160” height=160">



I think you mean a fixed post for Serpentis.


I love you guys, for real!


No tempest



Fantastic, fantastic! Keep it up guys!



Not sure who made this but is hilarious if you watched the last round table


Not exactly a meme, just Serpenti and Paddo being dank. (credit to @t2k5)


what a player lol