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We need a fixed post for duelyst (fan) lore


Anyone remember this thread? Yeah, I was reminiscing on the more active and vibrant days of the forums and remembered how fun discussing this thread is, and how cool mmf’s lore contest is.

I was thinking we could use this thread as a way to give us all something to get together to do or discuss again. Here I was thinking we could post fanmade lore stories for fun, similar to the lore contest, but without a specific topic or prompt that we are required to use. I can introduce prompts, but we wouldnt have to follow it.


There was one, held open by @mmf, but hasnt been alive since he left forums (for unspecified time)


:worried: yeah…I hope he’s alright


The wiki has this section about fan lore: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Fan_Lore

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