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We need a a fast disenchant button


So yeah the title says it all, whenever I open an orb I always wish i could disenchant cards the moment i open them I don’t want without having to search for them in my collection…also a view all new card button in the collection list would be a nice touch, don’t you think?


You can type in ‘new’ in the search box and it will show all new cards. I didn’t know that either, but it’s very useful.
You can also type in numbers for mana cost.


Oh really? thank you that helps. but a feature like that might save a lot of time though.



But until CP can be bothered to improve their collection UI you can use @t2k5’s script collection:


Dude, there is literally a “disenchant duplicates” button on the bottom after selecting the crafting tab. As for the new cards, there’s a settings (gear picture) button on the same row as the selection for factions/ neutral, click on it, select dismiss new.


oh i didn’t know about the the dismiss one thank you, but what I meant was that it would be nice if i can disenchant the cards i dont want the moment i open the orb and i dont have to go look for them in my collection


I’ll give it a look thank you


the option I offered was similar, you dont have to look for the cards one by one. You just click crafting, disenchant duplicates and the game will do it for you o.o


what if i had one card and i want to get rid of it the moment i saw it when i opened an orb? you’re miss understanding my suggestion


Ah, but even this function is not available in Hearthstone the last time i played it. the game was way more popular than Duelyst due to blizzard backing it. But I really dont find it a huge issue. I guess it doesnt hurt to have something like that. But it needs a confirmation button tho, cause newbies might click on it by accident and poof, gg xD


so you’re saying that we don’t need convenient shortcuts just because it saves time? well that makes sense. also nice sarcasm it shows how much of a jerk you’re bravo.


I mean, the system I’m talking about is obviously far fetched, but I do hope something at least similar to it will happen in the near future. For the time being, only thing they can really do to save us some time is by adding additional buttons that perform multiple actions. I hope they implement them soon because at this point I don’t even bother visiting my collection in order to craft new decks because it’s so time consuming.