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We hit a snag. No servers avaible


I’m trying to join an online season match but it keeps giving me the message “We hit a snag!” Then it goes on to say there are no servers availible. Is this happening to everyone or just me?


I am encountering the same here.


Same happened to me.




Me too. Tried first 2 hours ago and still same, good thing we get to fight the boss in the meantime lol anyways I hope developers are all OK healthwise and can’t wait to play duelyst again


It was already lagging heavily for me yesterday.



Duelyst is over. Bye, guys.


Nah, we can still play against the boss and practice AI.


Updates prolly?


Has anyone tried friendlies yet?


Thanks for curing my Duelyst addiction. :vankiss:


Friendlies are down unfortunately


“Server not available” message on my end too. Without a “scheduled update” notice I assume trouble’s afoot.


I’ve put a ticket into support. Probably won’t get looked at until their support hours start later today so I guess it’s time to check out Artifact? That or see if I can dig up my Hearthstone account…


Now who’s scoffing at my Unlimited Sandbox?


:sob: :sob: :sob:


i’d spend my 38k spirit and 8k gold pronto if Dooly delivers a new expansion

otherwise, thanks for the memories~


I’ve received a standard ‘the appropriate team is investigating’ response to my support request, hopefully they’ll get the servers up soon.


The team has been informed and is looking into this server issue. We should be getting an official statement today :wink:


Finally the server is up again! :smiley:


This wink… gives me hope for a patch/expansion.