"Watch" is broken if you watch one of your match as your opponent



Found a match I did in the Watch > Diamond list :
Me, @nwardezir playing Lyonar versus @gmk playing Magmar
(screenshot at end of message)

I wanted to review it but from my opponent point of vue.
So I started it by clicking “Watch” on my opponent side.

When match starts and for the whole game :

  • no General moves
  • no minion is displayed but interactions are occuring (damage, attacks etc)
  • you only see cursor movements

Side-note : when watching it as myself (just like you would do by going to your Profile > Match History) it works fine.

Operating System:


System Specs:

Enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Game Client:



Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. make a match
  2. find it displayed in the Watch > Division menu
  3. watch it as your opponent
  4. enjoy all the invisible fighting and General not moving

The incriminated match in Watch List

The “all invisible” bug