Was the gold you get for your wins lowered?


I can’t tell for sure since i usually don’t play that many games, but it seems that the reward is lowered to 5 after 10 wins now, instead of the usual i guess 20 or sth? Can anyone confirm that?

Before anyone gets totally mad at me for questioning cpg: I am not panicking and not complaining, i am just asking since i genuinely don’t know but it seemed new to me.


Well they did say they’re tweaking the gold earning system so I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope it’s all a setup for more changes which are supposed to compensate for the loss rather than them just lowering it to see how far they can go without us causing an uproar.

Also, afaik it was 14 wins before ie 7x15 gold you could earn.


you get 15 per 2 wins, and after a certain point i dont know, you get 5 per 2 wins. i believe it has always been like that though


I know that, but afaik it used to be more than 10 wins.
Hmm maybe its still 14 wins then and i am just messing sth. up. Had a Gauntlet run today that was kinda strange to say the least, it ended after the 8th game (that i won). Afterwards i checked in the match history and i had a total of 9 gauntlet matches for some reason, so maybe that one messed me/the system up or whatever. To clarify, i was 5-2, queued up for another game, cancelled the queue because it took way too long, queued up again, won that game and should have been 6-2, but for some reason the first attempt resulted in a game i didn’t get to play, so i was 5-3 but still got to play another gauntlet game, that win didn’t count for the rewards though.


It’s really easy to lose track of this.

I remember a while back I suggested T2 make a script for this, have to bug him again. :wink: