Was Excited, Now I am terrified: Game Update Gripes


CPG clearly has plans for other formats but aren’t ready to discuss it at this time

Modern has always been a fun format but it has never been balanced. It’s also an eternal format. My comments were in regards to Legacy, Vintage, and Commander. There has been a quite change in Modern over the year. Most was because bans and a few because of overpowered interactions the RD couldn’t foresee.


Cant discuss things we do not know the answer to, and even if we are, I would assume that would be radically different modes like rifts and stuff, if it was just a proper eternal format, that wouldn’t be introducing a new thing, that’s exactly what we have now.

If they add rotating formats, but dont make it the main ladder, then thats fine.


It would be less work in the long run in regards to balancing. With one format, you have to make cards with consideration of every card made before it. With thousands of cards made, the devs would never be able to test every interaction before pushing a set out, meaning that it would be way more work.

Having (presumably) two formats is easier on balancing for both. Ranked would almost never be disrupted due to broken initial interactions, and balances can be made to an expanded format as they come.

I don’t really think player base is an issue. If the expanded format is something players want, they will play it in addition to ranked, which will not split the player base between the game modes at all. I’m not sure if league is the best example because of its heavy investment in Esports and its lack of incentivizing the other formats.


I don’t disagree with you, and regardless of ease of balance, if the eternal format i’snt ranked, then it may as well not exist to competitive players.

You want to make rotations unranked for new players? That’s fine. Just dont mess with our main ladder. In fact that would be a great way to implement a casual mode, as vets would prefer the eternal, and cant use the casual mode as a stomping ground to test their eternal decks.


I’m also shocked and appalled by the rotation idea. I think having a limited casual mode is a good idea for the beginners, but us veteran players deserve to be able to use the cards we’ve spent so long accumulating to play the game we bought them for. I honestly feel like I’m being cheated out of the money I put into the game. I put a longer reply on the release post, but yeah, I’m in the same boat man. Really not cool.


Has anyone thought maybe having a format where certain set are rotated in? For example of having two or three older xpac combined with the newest one. That way newer players have a smaller card pool to understand and veterans can reuse cards from older sets in a new rotation. So Thunderhorn might still be a thing but not at the same time as AoS. From my short time in MTG, I found Modern to be a lot of fun but also having its fair share of combo heavy decks. Mixing and matching between xpacs seems like a good idea but I have literally no how badly that would affect balancing. Thoughts?


I think that would actually be even worse then having just a rotated format. With the current plan you can at least completely dust old sets.

I want no rotation, or at the very least Eternal, with rotation being an alternate game mode and not the main focus. And at that point I could care less what sets are in it, as I would just ignore it anyways.


I’m all for the card rotation; as many have said before me and far better than I ever could, it’s necessary.

As for the cards rotated out, all I need is a ‘Wild’ ladder, with exactly the same prizes as the standard ladder (Hearthstone has shown this works already) where every single card is available to play there.

I personally don’t care whether it splits up the community; a decent amount seem to want to play both ladders, so I doubt it’ll be so catastrophic as to split the community totally down the middle.

I also don’t care whether it’s balanced too heavily; that’s the price you pay for such a ‘Wild’ format; people would get used to it for just the chance to play their old cards again. Such balancing would be of course revolve around the standard format.

I suppose the thought there is, which will take out more players; splitting the ladders or totally rotating out hard-earned cards (I am aware CPG has plans to use the rotated cards, just saying my bit).


Forcing rotating will loose more players then anything else. Adding it as an alternate mode, while keeping/balancing the primary ladder as eternal, is a great addition as its a perfect new player mode that they can graduate from when they are ready.


So we’re in agreement then? Also, what are your thoughts on both such ladders having the same reward system. (I.e. playing progresses achievements and gets gold for wins)?


Err sort of, I just proposed the exact opposite of what you did, a pretty big distinction. Focus on and balance the eternal ladder, add a rotating format as well. Shouldent be anything wild about it, it should be the main balance focus, where as the other ladder is just for newer players.

I don’t see why progression should be any different.


Ah, I see. Must of course disagree then; exponentially impossible to balance so many cards.


1.5 years is not “a little while.” It’s more than enough time for people to quit over unfun games.


15 character


Fair point bad use of words by me, Anyways we will see how much meta changes with expansion and for example the rotation gets rid of lava lance and Thumping wave something you complained about as not being Magmar identify. Even with Rebuke Magmar has more clear range weakness. It isn’t the same the world as before.


“Currently panicking” is probably my feelings about Duelyst right now. I checked the new cards and I almost feel like I want to leave this game for a month without even checking if things are really as bad as I think they are. It just feels like “POWERCREEP Vanguard”, in bold letters.

Sunstrike - because everybody like Holy Immolation.
Penumbraxx - because everybody like Desolator.
Wildfire Tenketsu - because everybody like Eight Gates.
Q’orrhlma’a - because everybody like getting cards stolen and getting their deck messed with.
Saurian Finality - because everybody like that many effects from a single card.
Gate to the Undervault - because everybody like not being able to do anything against a card.

I’m a bit surprised that nothing from Vanar really stood out for me.
I hope that I’m making conclusions too early and it’s not that bad. Maybe not even that much of powercreep.


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