Was Excited, Now I am terrified: Game Update Gripes


But the exact same argument about the most degenerate deck can be made for any format…and with rotations the amount of deck diversity is a lot less…so you will be seeing that disgusting stuff a lot more.

Since rotating vs balancing helps accomplish a similar task, why not pick the one where everyone can do what they want and that adds the most diversity?


And they nerf the wrong card in Songhai, again. Tsk.


Well not wrong…Mask has always been on my list, its was just currently at the bottom of my list.


k e c c

a card that’s an immediate 3-of in any list that has zero counterplay? seems good man


Its not an auto for every list, and certainly not auto 3x. Also rush has tons of counter-play. Good positioning, body blocks, provoke, nightwatcher, just geting out of range. And considering seven mana is already really slow for 4-6 damage, and EVERY faction can pull off a similar or larger out of hand burst for similar or less mana, id say yea:

Is it incredibly powerful, a faction staple, and makes it into most lists? For sure. Was it any worse then any of the other faction staples? No. So again, needed to hit all of the staples, or none of them.


Everything board based has counter play. It does have a distance to its reach and hits for 4-6. If a hit to 4-6 were to kill you, You ydun goofed. If not. He certainly can be played around. Stay out of his way, remove, dispel, move it, heck trade into it. Rev is not the end all be all at 6 attack


Magmar profile pic :wink:


Kudos to saying “deal with” rather than “play around”, as those lines of play are few, if not nonexistent for many factions regarding slasher (applies far less so for seraphim and EMP)


That was a really dumb thing for me to say lol.


can we please have an “expanded” format then? I like all of the cards, thanks

also they banned sunsteel, XD


Unfortunately implementing that would be worse then leaving it out, since they wont be focusing on keeping it balanced any more, and it would split the player base.

Now…if they kept the eternal format as their main ranked ladder, and added rotations as an alternate mode without putting the focus on it, that could work, but that is probably not going to happen, since they are already putting less of a focus on balance patches as it is.


Counterintuitively removing cards from a format does a lot more to shape a meta game than adding cards to it. When the most popular Vanar archetype is SeraphimWalls you will find that removing Ghost Seraphim and Flawless Reflections from the usable card pool will have a bigger impact on the commonly seen Vanar decks than simply nerfing either of those cards or introducing new tools to use.

Look what happened to Magmar in UP. They got just as many cards as every other faction but no new archetypes.

Compare this to the Delver decks n Innistrad standard MtG. Delver tempo decks were a Tier 1 deck during the MBS-INN standard but when Mirrodin Besieged rotated out the deck lost Ponder and Mana Leak and became unplayable.

A similar thing happened to Kazakus Control decks. Those decks lost a lot of support when The Grand Tournament and The League of Explorers rotated.

Rotations don’t stop strong decks from appearing. They force the player base to use a different toolkit and different archetypes pop up as a result.


And the Scientist + Envy bear. I’m gonna start top decking envy bear. Already have a scientist deck. All my decks will use “setless” cards… TOMEME!

BUT REMEMBER TOMORROW we still have every card available and Magmar is going to ruin any day you would like to try anything since plasma storm will be rampant on top of lost artificers into morin khur.


Nerfing them would keep the deck alive, but not overbearing, so it wont be nearly as popular but will still exist. Ergo you have another of many vallid decks, and thus more diversity. Removing it, just means one less deck, and thus less diversity.

Magmar has a very balanced base, UP added several new decks that see a lot of play, it increased diversity, without power creeping the faction. A PERFECT example of how to make expansions that keep the game fresh, increase diversity, without powercreep or rotation.

MTG opting not to, and being paper, prevents balance patches from being really feasible, yet a simple ban list on eternal formats has proven that even with a massive pool eternal formats can be both successful and fresh.

Forcing players to do anything is not good. Give them the option. More options means diversity and fun. Less options just means less diveresity. Yea balance patches need to happen, and they are more important then new content, they should be the primary focus of the devs.


I’ve played mtg for years and I quit standard for eternal formats a while ago, not because of rotation, but because I noticed my decks were all just rares and mythics and that just wasn’t the case in modern, legacy, and edh. Duelyst is balanced in a way that the legends typically aren’t just objectively more powerful than the epics and rares and commons and rares are often the hard backbone of archetypes. Adding rotation will help players ease their way into the game. Hopefully once enough players have eased in we can get an eternal format. Once it becomes popular enough thanks to the great card design and battle tactics, we will get some more formats or even the ability to do custom rules. The move to a rotation is critical for Duelyst’s longevity and I welcome this change. Also I hate spec rev so im glad its getting nerfed, just waiting on warbeast.


It actually makes it a lot easier to balance both formats.

Standard has less cards to account for, so it is naturally going to be easier to balance.

The all-cards format can have the non-standard cards present in broken interactions nerfed without fear of having it affect normal ranked play, making it fairly simple for balancing as well.

I really see this as a win-win solution as far as balancing goes.


as long as staples can be rotated into the core set (falcius) im ok


Magic’s eternal formats have barely changed in the five years I’ve been playing magic. Very few cards have made any splash in these formats in the past five years. Using Magic’s eternal formats as an example only shows how stagnant non-rotating formats can be.

That’s what CPG is trying to do with a Standard format. They want players to have a choice in the metas they play. CPG isn’t forcing anyone to play in any format. They’re mere giving a choice.

And, yes, CPG will give the new format some extra support to the new format at first. To encourage players to try it so that the new format may be successful. Magic: the Gathering did the same thing with Modern and Commander. They even supported Standard when it was first introduced. And all formats in MtG have a player base and their fanboys.


Assuming we had the player base to support it, that would be great!

But A. We have to worry about the numbers game, and B. that’s a bunch of extra work for them, and it seems they are switching to rotations so they will have less work.

A perfect example of this problem is League of Legends. A game that has more players then all other games combined. It has several maps but only the one actually really gets balanced around, and gets any attention. And ironically…I love the 3v3 map, and hate the 5v5…yet the 5v5 one soaks up all the attention, meaning, while it gets a little bit of attention, my preferred mode is quite neglected, and thus why I don’t play it much any more.


If its the only ranked ladder, then its forced.

And again, regardless of its current state, or how many cards have had a major impact, you have to admit that for years modern has supplied one of the most diverse and balanced formats of the game, despite the massive card pool, and new things being introduced.