Warbird blood born expansion


Faie Bloodwing x1
Aspect Of The Fox x3
Bloodtear Alchemist x3
Snow Chaser x3
Chromatic Cold x3
Concealing Shroud x2
Cryptographer x3
Crystal Cloaker x3
Flameblood Warlock x3
Frigid Corona x3
Myriad x3
Sojourner x2
Sanguinar x2
Frostburn x1
Ancient Grove x1
Meltdown x2
Grandmaster Embla x1
Winter’s Wake x1

this is a really fun fae list ive benn using I’m too sure on how good it is nedds some more testing, please make suggestions about changes or tweaks you would like too add or about cards to remove. I myself have wanted to run gravity well but I didn’t want to take anything out.


In the future, use a web deck-building tool to show off your deck, it’s so much easier to look at and evaluate. Try manaspring.ru :slight_smile:


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