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Wandering Titan (epic battle royal victory)


i want to put more of an emphasis on ranged as they seem to be winning me games…

i really love this deck, the concept should be fairly self explanatory. playing that wanderer then following up with titan is usually brutal and usually ends games. just put an emphasis on cycling out other cards until you get titan. i pull him a surprising amount. positioning is key here.

the deck is amazingly fun if you know what you’re doing. im in gold right now. i can outpace everything but cassy and usually do well vs magmar. vanar and brome are rough matchups.

any ideas lads


I want to downvote for playing Wanderer

Also you don’t seem to have nearly any draw, and your curve is wicked low, causing you to run out of cards very quickly

Swamp entangler :sweat:

NVM will triple click that like button now


swamp entangler is hilarious tho. also the lyonar curve is different from ragnora obviously. do you have anything constructive to add or

i mean what throw in mogwai


Remove every bad 1/2 drop (that 1/4 dispel dude, vale hunter, swampy boi)
Get a better general
Remove every bad 3 drop (golem, 3/3 even worse than golem, 2/2 even worse than golem)
Remove every bad 4 drop (windcliffe)
" "

remove wanderer

Add jammer, hound
Get better 5 drops (kron, paragon)

Try not to die to plasma storm, which kills everything you have
Try not to get AOEd

Smooth out the curve a bit


windcliff is so clutch tho u dont evn know. this literally just happened. look at this poor reva. the game is over and it just started

ppl burn all their removal on most of those shitty drops making room for a strong midgame.

i will add krohnes. im experimenting with war lady


If they know they’re fighting wanderer, they save their removal
Or thats just a diamond/S thing.

Windcliffe dies to everything magmar has + every single songhai spell


bro bro

39 minions

what does smooth out the curve even mean. seems like a meme

idk. i’d be hard pressed to remove windcliff. just replaced out the big boy when you get it. its a free replace slot. for 4 blue hexagons i get two units and basically and airdrop provoke it gud bro bro


This is a disaster without even looking at the deck
Even worse if its not aggro and has no card draw
Add in stuff to make the deck more midrangey, because this looks like an aggro curve with random high cost stuff thrown in
You basically exhaust all of your resources before wanderer comes out, and then you’re screwed
Also you have no removal???


bro bro

what should it look like and why

what is the reasoning behind this aesthetic mathematical curve. i seem to be drawing everything just fine and smoothly

help me understand bro bro


i can dispel most things just fine. dat maw lol. dat…naga…


You have 1 decent dispel card

Naga sucks

Maw is 1/38

A single ranged minion will beat you

Abyss swarm will instantly beat you

Answer or dies will beat you


i lose to abyss swarm alot. T_T

just play it out. people think they are against wanderer but then the minions just keep coming and i keep controlling the field FORCING the removal. place units conservatively and play smart. try it out bro its hilarious i prom


that deck is stupid. i hate you for playing it. i am one of his victims, and i can atest to the fact that his deck works


adjust as needed

PS: consider using Brome


Very interesting N_7, thank you! I love the Sentinel, dancing, all these old cards, lovely!!! Have you tried it? At first glance it’s top heavy but then again I’m not used to playing top heavy decks I’ve never been very good at it. I’m loving all of these choices though. Definitely addresses the removal issue (which imo isn’t that enormous). You probably took the deck to the next level.

Edit: the more I look at it the more I love it. Especially loving celebrant, grovekeeper, dagona. You’re really good lol


the point of wanderer is to out tempo the opponent and overwhelm with stats, that’s the conventional means anyways. The card choices should reflect that playstyle.

Additional tech choices would be Crossbones, Scintilla, Regalia, Mattershaper, War Exorcist, Kron, Zurael etc. Perhaps over Mentor, HankHeart, L’Kian, Ironcliff, Elyx, etc.

The curve of the example given is decent, Wanderer doesn’t typically require too much card draw, imo.

Whatever the card choices, adjust as seen fit until the deck seems able to handle any threat reasonably.


If you want to run Titan with a Mythron I recommend Strategos. Wanderer Titan sounds too inconsistent.


It’s a meme bro


Naga definitely does not suck.


Just had this idea the other day hehe :stuck_out_tongue: