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i’m playing alplod’s big arca wanderer hater deck so you wouldn’t have to worry about your peepee when we meet in a match c:


Can confirm- alp’s wanderer hater works.


Please, report how is it going :slight_smile:


so far i’m 13-4-1 but i’m just in Silver…

drew against a weird Argeon (has Lionheart Blessing and Sky Burial), then lost to a couple of Revas (one is against a Wanderer list where i made lots of mistakes, the other is an auto-loss due to connectivity so i don’t know what it is), Eggnora w/ Thraex (i conceded shortly after internet acted up and didn’t register an attack i should’ve made), and HateHorn

an unanswered Magesworn is really the bane of Wanderer Rev/Rag
at times i use Desolator + Banishing to push damage against slower decks
Tahr always demands answers even against non-swarm lists


Tahr is the best card of kaleos
Removal vs 3drop?Sounds great
Otherwise don,t attack and still leave a strong body behind:with MDS,juxta,primus fist and killing edge taar will still be able to decimate your board
It also synergices with IF…magmar is not the only faction with makantor(tahr+focus+primus fist/killing edge )!


So I decided to be a hypocrite and try Wanderer for the first time using Riva, and surprise surprise, my win rate increased. Ironically most of the loses I’ve had with this deck are to other Wanderers.


Not surprised; I’ve heard Wanderer Reva was one of the strongest decks of the meta. (Wanderer Brome and Wanderer Ragnora may be stronger.)




It’s funny… in Gold I almost never see Wanderer…
Burnhorn, Midrange Kaleos, Combo Ragnora, Strategos Brome, Spellhai, Maev Aggro, Vetruvian Dervish Aggro even… but I think I’ve only fought 2 or 3 Wanderer decks at most.


I’m playing Wanderer average 4matches/day everyday :slight_smile:


silver is like “oh that was wanderer? it was playing so terribly i didnt even notice”


Depending on how many matches you play that’s either really good or really bad…


I usually play 8-10 matches/day for the quests.
20 matches/day if insta-concede count on the total :wink:



Hey hey, at least wanderer makes counting easier for your kid right? One, two, three that’s how many turns it takes me to concede!


Ahahaha, I actually laughed out loud that you rememebred :smiley:


Well your profile pic makes it all the easier to remember. They still a fan of Reva?


taking a break from duelyst and bullshit wanderer, but the truth is you cannot escape wanderer. back to dooly i go


Is that kingdoms CCG? lol, I used to play the hell out of that


Whats kingdoms?