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Nope, the nerf happened to alice in SV and it killed the card.


maybe not as drastic as that, maybe a stat reduction in the unit itself, or making it cost one or two more mana.


it had its time, just like all the archetypes that were meta once. people can call it fun and interactive all they like, but the meta has gone stale with only 3 archetypes around. let it die i say


Ahh, someone knows what im talking about


Ok wanderer became so cancer i cant even. Went into ladder with my new wanderer brome, opponent goes well played and insta concedes seeing im running wanderer


Not only do I loath the RNG crapshoot propped up by an overturned card a lot …But what bothers me even more is that the best thing to compete with it is aggro/burn.


Ive actually done that a few times at rank 10 because I knew there was a good chance I would lose and I wasn’t foing to lose a rank.


Same, no matter the rank :slight_smile:
Did it several time today, BromeStrateyawn, Ragnoregg … but I would have probably given a try at Brome Wanderer as it’s not that common.


It’s times like these I thank my advanced age. Certain duelyst matchups have come akin to nap time, and I am more than happy to oblige.



At some point of age advancement, you can’t afford to waste time :wink:


They need to heavily nerf wanderer, any nerf is fine it will still be playable. make it 8 atleast cost 8 or just completely remove the buff and add something different. Makes the game not enjoyable, bland, and stale.



Boy I wooped your ass countless of times in the game. I’ll complain about this card if I want.


I dont recall playing against you, in any case im not telling you to stop complaining, im saying those who do refrain from the salt train feel better.

In any case card games are card games, inherently rng soaked and impossible to win at 100% of the time. Ive beaten multiple pro level players in multiple card games, chiefly duelyst (and I will refrain to mention them because I dont brag about that) and I dont swing a big dick around like an arrogant douchebag looking for approval.

I just find the statement you recently made preposterous to the point of hilarity from a balance perspective.


nah. I’m just bad :magsad:


:lyogiggle: dont worry I wasnt talking about you
IMG_3808 its ok u are a good player, I dont know who… “fang god” thinks he is tho.


I know. :magsad:


I’ve been bamboozled.


As it is it should either cost more mana OR have less stats, because a 7/7 body at turn 2 is just… yea…

I think we should break it down to consider its value:
6 mana cost as a 7/7 body WITH game changing effect

Considering its cost and the fact that it’s not just a body without effects 4/4 or 5/5 base (so 5/5 or 6/6 with its own buff) SHOULD be fair…

However, considering its effect is game-changing indeed it should either cost more or have even lower stats.

As a 3/3 that auto buffs to 4/4 for 6 mana doesn’t sound bad at all considering the effects of the card.

As of now it’s just too much, that’s for sure.


Please, don’t.