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Nothing like the start of the month to remind me how stupid Wanderer is…sigh.


Wait till all the wanderers get to s then start your climb


Been there, done that…


It’s times like this that I miss unranked. Seriously, it was a fun mode of play, removing it was beyond my comprehension. Why make a game less fun?


Just play what’s fun for you.
Build decks around cards you like, and synergies you like.
For example - i really like frostiva and howlers but they are not that good, so i made a fun deck around these.

Losing is ok in the start of the month so just explore now until a week from now.


I’ve been playing since beta…no need to tell me how to play :wink:


It makes both of us.
I’m not telling you how to, i’m only remind you that losing is ok.


Sorry in advance, there will always be one at least gravitating between Silver and Diamond all along the season :smiley:


I actually want everyone to play only Wanderer, my ArtiReva will have 100% wr then.

Salt must flow.

On a more serious note, yes, it pisses me off, too, but any nerf done to a Wanderer will push him out of the realm of playability.


Don’t forget not everyone is driven by wr :wink:


Father, I’m a sinner. I want to win more often than I lose. At least a bit.


These types of threads are getting tiresome. As if it isn’t already realised that Wanderer is broken.



Salt must flow.


I actually checked my thread history, I so remember everyone calling Wandrrer tier3


I personally don’t have too much problem with Wanderer, but public consensus seem to vary drastically. :face_with_monocle:


Just play aggro and smash their face. :smiling_imp:


Wanderer decks depend on the players piloting them.

But flashing out a wanderer is literal cancer.


Just the other day I read the original Wanderer release thread on Reddit. Oh boi were we wrong about the card…


If wanderer only gave +1 attack would it still be as broken?


Believe me, past experience with other CCGs would say no, he could even be into unplayable level.