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Wanderer Lilithe tips

Hey guys, me again with another Lilithe deck. This time I decided to get into Wanderer Lilithe as it’s pretty decent in the meta right now.

This is my current version of it:

I’m going to work on building it to this:

Anyone else here got experience using this Archetype? Any alternate cards I should replace the missing ones with?

I’ve been playing a lot of wanderer recently and lilithe is next on my list to test, the first version I’m going to look at will be this one

but I haven’t played with it yet so it is just a theorycraft atm.

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I played a single game of ranked with mine and this happened :joy:

as a point, I am of the opinion that 2x ramp spells is probably optimal, even if it means bricking on wanderer sometimes


Moonrider is really really good in this deck, just insane value. I have a list on my Abyss deckspace that I had good success with last season.


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