***Wallyst Kara***


Hi, Ramsay here. After 2 months without Duelyst i return to duelyst with some funny but competitive decks, so one of them is wall Vanar

About new Kara.
I like new Kara design with possiblities playing with walls and multisummon minions, it makes kara more flexible. all in all it’s brand new Kara and i loved it immediately :slight_smile:

Win Conditions

Walls+Razorback - almost all my games won by surrounding my opponent with walls and putting razorback

Jax+BBS - just very strong play, but you win a game if your opponent doesn’t have an answer

This deck works with synergies and abusing kara’s bbs. turn 1 walls claiming mana springs is very strong open espacially if you can put Shiro with them.

You should play 4-5 games to really adopt to this deck. All games will be very fun. i managed to up rank 4, and i will not stop.

Sorry for bad english, good luck in the ladder :slight_smile: North is ours !


Have you tried using Winters Wake? I don’t have it myself, butI feel like it was made for this exact type of deck.


It’s very good idea, but it’s too slow and it will be dead card most of the time. I get it once from Sister and won by using it, maybe i should give the card a shot.
P.S. Moving walls is very strange :grin:


I have only seen it in play once. I was surrounded by walls and I had lethal planned out for the next turn. I was thinking oh god it would be awful if he had that wall card. Then he did and he bursted me down from like 12 HP or something.

I think maybe just running 1x might be good as it will be a dead card most of the time you see it, but it can be so impactful in the right circumstances I think it would be worth it.


I run two WWs in my wall lists with no regrets…


I played against one of these recently and the only reason I lost was Winters Wake. I’m sure there are plenty of instances where it is a dead card in hand but it is definitly a win condition worth considering I think.


Ok, you convinced me i will try with 2 of them replacing 1 Sister and 1 Vespyric Call


If you’re going to run them you should try blazing spines too


Blazing Spines was in early versions but then i replaced it with Sojourner because lack of card draw and very low curve. So, i think Vecpyric call can be replaced


Dude… Winterfell isn’t even yours anymore… please… just stahp


I’m from 4th season :grin:


Also todays new card (Grandmaster Embla) is made for my deck, but this also slow, waiting for experiments


only 10,000+ spirit to make Kara viable.


2 months ago Kara was cheapest and most competetive, just little change made her funny and almost non-competitive :smile:


I really prefer this approach


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