Walls and Their Destructive Power!


I want to ask a rather simple question to everyone, one I thought would have been simple but in the end lost me a game. To preface this, I am not talking about walls that come into play WITH an attack value, but rather those that come into play with 0 attack value.

Should walls be able to attack?

  • Yes, of course, why shouldn’t they be?
  • No, a wall is a wall, it has no cognitive ability, much less the initiative to target an enemy minion or general.

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While I understand this is a game where magic and the inane prevail, why on earth should I need to fear something that comes into play with 0 attack value. I lost a match I was about to win on the next turn simply because I had my general next to a wall and the enemy buffed it with three +3 spells (some Vanar stuff or something) and then used their general attack on me to kill me.

I’m new to the game, been playing for almost a week, so this may be the case of me just not getting it, but even in a Gauntlet match, when I had some gargoyle statue (Bastion), I tried to buff that with attack and it didn’t work, it stayed at 0 attack because apparently it’s a structure (not a wall though!), but yet a frozen ice wall can become a 9 attack WALL and smash my face in? Why on Earth is this a thing…

Anyhow, like in my other thread please feel free to point out the flaws in my logic if there are any, I’m open to being wrong, I just feel like a wall that starts at 0 attack should stay at 0 attack.


Thematically, does it make much sense for walls to attack? Maybe not. Balance-wise, however, wall vanar needs as much support as it can get, and walls like bonechill barrier have more potential to control if you’re scared of going near them. It’s also one of the few things that distinguish vanar’s walls from structures (the second being that walls disappear when dispelled), so design-wise it’s a good idea to let walls attack. This was a one time mistake, learn your lesson and move on.

I have to say though, getting 3 x frostfired is pretty unlucky. That’s a very rare situation.


if you hate walls wait until you get DB for 23 damage, and you will love walls.
walls are not that good, you don’t see them that much once you get into ranks 12-10


I suppose so, but gods is it frustrating to lose so many games because something wasn’t explained beforehand. I know that’s life, but this had to have been the stupidest loss I’ve had yet. It’s just lame and goes against all logic.


I already had the 23 + 2 from a general happen to me before… I was pretty disappointed after that happened, but I’ve heard it’s being nerfed some how so I haven’t wrote to say ‘why the hell is this a thing’ yet. xD


Well, the main difference between structures and walls in the card itself is that structures are actually a Minion Subtype which follow their own rules like the battle pets, while walls are Normal Minions with some kind of Keyword Ability (wall - that makes them not move), so i think it kinda makes sense that they can attack.

Structures can’t get buffed or attack because of the structure tag not because they come in to play with 0 attack.


I understand that, I checked the collection area for an explanation and such afterwards. Even so, I think neither should be able to attack personally, and let’s be honest… a wall IS a structure xD

Now, again, I understand that some walls come into play with an attack value, because they’re the sort of wall that has an attack, the Vanar I played against had some wall that pushed out spikes… I am slightly okay with that, it’s a ‘living’ wall of sorts. But for literally a chunk of ice to just hurl itself at me suddenly? for 9 damage? I’m not buyin’ that xD

It’s not like I’m against buffing walls to deal damage either, but I think they should hurt only when reacting to being attacked.


Walls are also destroyed when they get dispelled (something I’ve never understood), while Structures are just rendered permanently useless.


I suppose since walls are made from spells they’re magic based and thus can be dispelled? Depending on the wall that could make sense but if it’s a pile of ice it doesn’t make any to me either xD


I guess its the interaction between dispells and keywords, since Wall is a keyword, when it gets dispelled, it loses that keyword, and since it literally depends on the keyword to exist, it then ceases to exist.


i see the ice as an element that vanar generals have control over, like avatar moves wind and stuff, and that way it makes sense that they can shape the ice to do damage if it has atack.


Isn’t it in the lore that the Vespyr or some other kind of creature in the cold lands could transform into animals or somethink? I allways thought that walls were vespyr who transformed themselfs to hide away or to prepare a surprise atack or something…


I’m not entirely sure what the subject of discussion is. It’s a game, not a simulation, and if you’re making rules assumptions off of things’ names, you’re doing it wrong. I have yet to hear anyone say it makes no sense for a rook to be able to move, but you could imagine how that conversation ought to go-- ‘but it’s a tower of stone!!’ ‘yah, but it’s chess.’ ‘Walls’ shouldn’t be able to attack? Yah, but it’s duelyst.

From a balance viewpoint, walls pay a high price for being able to attack-- they disappear when dispelled and can’t move. Compared to Obelysks, which stick around after being dispelled and also can’t move but also can’t attack, the only price walls pay is not leaving behind a body that can’t attack or move, though Obelysks (in theory) get far more powerful abilities. I think it’s fine, balance-wise.


Yeah, you’re more or less right and at this point, after seeing the rather large user base in the poll and comments saying they enjoy walls attacking, they definitely won’t be changing. It was simply unexpected and a super lame way to lose.

I more so wish that the devs made a glossary or tutorial that explains every single keyword and minion type, as that would help players not lose to a simple mistake they never would’ve made otherwise, and as a new player you can trust me when I say that I’ve lost far too many games due to that sort of thing and at times it was so lame and frustrating I didn’t want to continue playing. The only reason I am is because my friend wants me to, but while I am I might as well gauge what others think, how they think, and see what does and doesn’t make sense in this community :open_mouth: