Waifu Mods; Cassyva


First of Waifuproject, Cassyva~
Art’s by me :stuck_out_tongue:
Note that general portraits are not identical because i’m implementing half body artworks in the future.

Download and instructions:

Next waifu (Apologies for not including Zir’an T__T):

  • Lilithe
  • Reva
  • Sajj
  • Kara
  • Faie
  • Vaath

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Waifu Mods; Vaafu

Realy? Waifu Vaath? :smile:


WELLLL, it’s there for some people…


Can we get a custom crystal wisp waifu?


GODDDD :joy: :joy: cmon


Anyone got the full art for this? It looks really cool


i… drew it ._.


Fug! I am sorry!


^~^ no worries i didnt mention it previously :smiley:


Very nice drawing. Nicely done.


I was just about to make a troll vote and vote for Vaath. Didn’t expect so many people did the same.
Great minds think alike.


Is that Michael Jackson? :alien:


Tfw your secondary waifu is at the bottom of the polls :cry: People just don’t understand Kara-senpai’s appeal


The people DEMAND crystal wisp waifu.

Also, the results should be public. I want to associate names to waifus.


No they don’t :joy:


Voted for Sajj, cause she will always be the best. On a slightly more so but not by much serious note @sinpathy shame on you! You put in that giant blob of green flesh excuse for a dinosaur and didn’t put in Zir’an!?


Realy people? Realy you want Vaath so much? :cry: Why not Faie or Lilith, Sajj or Zir’an? Totaly agree with @phayze! PLS


that was my mistake! Oh man ;__;


Maybe we can get a certain someone in this waifu mod while we’re at it? :wink:


sick art man, +1