Waht if we added the concept art into the game?


So we all know and love the art that CP produces for duelyst so I’m just wondering how we could fit it into the game. I know that a lot of you guys had recently gotten the news about the canceled art book, so this may seem a bit insensitive, but just hear me out for a sec will ya’?

So, in regards to adding artwork in game, I was thinking of having a sort of separate galley where players can access the card art concepts for each card (i mean they must have a copy for the card concepts lying around somewhere right?). The card art could be accessed in several manners (or just one. I don’t mind)

Achievement rewards [details=Summary]So by achieving achievements one can access card concepts. Seems simple enough right? The problem lies in whether or not CP will decide to reveal the achievements if we go this route. Oh well, that’s a discussion for you guys![/details]

Purchasable [details=Summary]price gate. As with cosmetics you can buy these to help support CP! Might be a little unpopular, but those concept art pieces are good damn it![/details]

Levels [details=Summary]with this after reaching level 40 with a faction you can start to gain concept art pieces for every level you gain, though that might seem a little fast it would only really effect the hardcore faction mains coughkevin2hardcough. Of course if you do end up getting all the art before they can come up with new ones then you can just start to get neutral concept art. If you’re truly dedicated then after neutrals would be extra art pieces (discarded or straight up duplicates) which would then be disenchantable or refundable for gold. Your pick [/details]

Well that’s all the ideas I have, any from you just put in the replies below. I’ll put in a poll if people want, just ask! Enjoy!
EDIT: for got to mention that all card concepts would be accessible via extra collection gallery or through the card itself like how the card lore works


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